10 Reasons to Love Our Brand New Shop May 24, 2017

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Cooking is only as fun as the simple recipes, delicious ingredients, and crucial kitchenware you’re working with. Now, we’ve got you covered on all three. Stock up on cooking supplies at our new Shop and be a truly unstoppable cook.

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It’s no secret that the kitchen is our happy place, so we’re always excited to stock it with all the best, brightest, chef-approved tools we can get our hands on. We know that cooking supplies aren’t just nice to look at — they’re also necessary to achieve the seamless carrot slice, the perfect zucchini flip, the toughest dish scrub, and everything that happens in between — so we took our jobs seriously when setting out to equip home cooks with all the essentials for cooking fun.

Here’s why the Shop rocks:

1. Tested by the pros

Rest assured that the HelloFresh chefs don’t use anything in the test kitchen that’s less than two thumbs up. We filled our Shop with only those cooking supplies that simplified, beautified, and energized the cooking experience without breaking the bank.

2. Curated kits

To make stocking up as easy (and delicious) as possible, we expertly grouped key products into easy, all-in-one kitsConsider them reliable, go-to collections for the best value and best results in the kitchen. Because just like when you’re cooking up one of our recipes, it’s so much better when everything you need is ready to go, all in one place.

3. Time-savers

cooking supplies - quick fix - HelloFresh

Mincing shallots gets tiresome when you’re making each slice by hand with a knife that probably shouldn’t be used to mince a shallot (we’ve been there, can you tell?). Make the most of every pre-dinner minute with cooking supplies from our Quick Fix Kit and enjoy eating sooner.

4. Comfort from OXO

Fill your drawers with tools that make cooking simpler, and we can pretty much guarantee that every bite will taste more satisfying. Our friends at OXO create the most comfortable kitchenware, and when we’re about to whip something up at the end of a long day, we’re all for uncomplicated.

5. Precision from Wüsthof

The finest knives can only be crafted in Solingen, The City of Blades (a real place, by the way) thanks to the past 7 generations of family experts at Wüsthof. Quality is through the roof on these pristine knives, and their full tang blades are forged from singular pieces of high carbon stainless steel to make every chop and dice that much sharper. After all, a cleaner chop means crisper flavor.

6. Not just for mom and dad

cooking supplies - kids kit - HelloFresh

If the child’s personalized color-me-in apron fit us here in the test kitchen, we’d be wearing it. Luckily for the tiny tummies of the world, we’ve got a full kit of kid-friendly Curious Chef cooking supplies so they can learn and play as they build their own kitchen confidence. Spending time with your kids and getting dinner on the table? It’s a win-win.

7. Innovation from Joseph Joseph

You didn’t know you needed this single-handed soap dispenser until you were balancing a phone, a pan, and a crying child while doing the dishes. Our other Joseph Joseph items are similarly helpful, colorful, and playful. Not to mention multi-use and all around genius. Because this cooking thing should be easy and fun!

8. Durability from All-Clad

cooking supplies - pot - HelloFresh

If you’re cooking at least three times per week, you probably see substantial wear and tear in your pots and pans; that tarnishing actually impacts the taste of your dishes, which is why we’re firm believers in investing in premium pots and pans that you’ll never have to replace. A heat-conducting core and the highest quality materials drew us to All-Clad’s dependable products, and we’ve been in sauté heaven ever since.

9. Stress-free messes

The Aftermath Kit was born from a universal cooking consequence: once you’re done enjoying your meal, you’ve gotta clean it up. Since we can’t actually do that for you, we created a kit specifically to make cleanup easier, faster, and of course, more fun. Get your scrub on with these superior products and the aftermath will be a breeze.

10. Custom Fresh Fam gear

cooking supplies - HelloFresh

Kitchen bliss comes in many forms, and our current front runner is the essentials collection that we designed and crafted ourselves (with the help of some incredible partners). For the first time ever, make your home kitchen HelloFresh-official with these encouraging dish towels, premium oven mitts, effortless recipe card holder, and more. In other words, we’re glad you’re part of the Fresh Fam.

Browse tons of cooking supplies and get your first full look at HelloFresh.com/Shop.

Happy stocking and chopping!

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