Get a Sneak Peek of Our New TV Commercials (with real best friends!) September 25, 2018

by Behind the Scenes

If you’ve been watching TV lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of our new commercials featuring real customers who really, really love HelloFresh. Continue reading for the inside scoop! 

sneak-peek-TV commercials-HelloFresh

sneak-peek-TV commercials-HelloFresh

Real People, Real Friends

We’re always told that people who love HelloFresh love to tell their friends, family, and anyone who’ll listen about it, which got us thinking. Why not go out and meet these very people?

Plus, as anyone will tell you, cooking is more fun when done with someone else — especially when that someone else is your best friend. 

Fast forward a few months, and voilà! Our new commercials are live, where we introduce the world to two pairs of best friends: first up, the inseparable Dana and Schanena. After that, novice chefs Ryan and Ramsey. 

Why use real customers? Well, because they’re just that: real. They aren’t reading off a script, and they definitely aren’t obliged to say anything that they don’t actually believe. They just want to share the love, and we want to share their love. A win-win, don’t ya think? 

Dana and Schanena

“I was so hooked on HelloFresh, and the first thing that popped into my head was, she would love this!” That’s how Dana got her best friend into subscribing, and they’ve been cooking with each other for years.

In fact, Schanena told us that the first thing Dana asks when she walks in the door is, “are we cooking HelloFresh tonight?”

(We’re with you, Dana.)

sneak-peek-TV commercials-HelloFresh

Ryan and Ramsey

Long time friends Ryan and Ramsey will be the first to tell you that they aren’t quite experts in the kitchen. But with HelloFresh’s easy-to-follow instructions and pre-measured ingredients, they’re set up for deliciously simple success. 

“I can’t believe we made this!”

Bonus points for the fact that they definitely had fun in the kitchen, too.

sneak-peek-TV commercials-HelloFresh

Best Besties

Do you think you and your best friend have what it takes to be featured by HelloFresh? Who is that one person that you just love cooking with? Tell us in the comments!

If you liked these commercials and want to see more, go behind the scenes of our previous commercial series.

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