3 Ways To Turn An Easy Chicken Dinner Into Tomorrow’s Lunch September 18, 2018

by Eat

Cook once and eat twice? Yes, please. Discover how easy it is to repurpose your extra chicken into a completely new lunch for the next day. 

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For most of us, the back-to-school season means getting back into the swing of things. But here at HelloFresh, we’re firm believers that routine doesn’t have to feel, well, routine. And with the help of dinners that double as your next-day lunch, this busy time of year can take on a whole new, deliciously efficient meaning.

But we’re not just talking about heating up “meh” leftovers. Not on our watch. That’s why these Dinner 2 Lunch™ recipes come with some fresh add-ons that make an appearance only at lunch. ‘Cause hey — the teachers may make the rules in the classroom, but YOU make the rules in the kitchen.

1. Chicken Schnitzel for Dinner → BBQ Chicken Sandwich for Lunch

easy chicken dinner-Chicken-Schnitzel-dinner-BBQ-chicken-sandwich-lunch-HelloFresh

On the menu the week of Sep 22 – Sep 28

This one starts out with classic crispy chicken cutlets next to mashed potatoes and tender cabbage. The next day, the extras get sandwiched between a brioche bun with crisp pickles, creamy cheddar, and fiery hot sauce. Get the recipe here.

2. Balsamic Chicken for Dinner → Chicken Pesto Pasta for Lunch

easy chicken dinner-Balsamic-Chicken-Dinner-chicken-pesto-pasta-lunch-HelloFresh

On the menu the week of Oct 6 – Oct 12

For the first meal in this 2-in-1 recipe, you’ve got chicken, green beans, and potatoes with a bit of balsamic and parm for Italian flair. And the next day? A hearty chicken and pasta lunch that comes together with just a few stirs — not to mention the addition of pesto sauce and fresh tomato. Get the recipe here.

3. Crispy Chicken for Dinner → Pita Sandwich for Lunch

easy chicken dinner-Crispy-Chicken-Dinner-pita-sandwich-lunch-HelloFresh

On the menu the week of Oct 13 – Oct 19

Come dinnertime, you’ll be serving up a crispy breaded chicken made complete by hearty orzo pasta and fresh, juicy tomatoes. The next day, all that extra meat is stuffed into a pita with mozzarella and spinach for a satisfying, anything-but-boring sandwich lunch. Get the recipe here.

Now that lunch AND dinner are covered, it’s time to turn your attention to breakfast. Homemade jam, anyone?

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