Who Knew? Strange Origins of Fruit & Veggies January 13, 2014

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Here at HelloFresh we’re firm believers in knowing where you’re food comes from (check out this post about our awesome mushroom farmers!). Our network of local and family-owned farmers work tirelessly to get you the tastiest and freshest produce for your HelloFresh recipes each week. But thanks to this recent Buzzfeed article, we had no idea how some of our favorite fruits and vegetables actually come to fruition (pun intended). Read on to see where the ingredients in this week’s recipes actually come from!


Who knew… pineapples grow from the ground?! Check it out in this week’s Spice Rubbed Pork with Sweet Potato Fries & Pineapple-Avocado Salsa!


Who knew… leeks have a pretty purple blossom?! Check it out in last week’s Chicken Skewers with Creamy Leek Risotto.


Who knew… chickpeas grow in little green pods, like peas?! Check it out in this week’s Herby Quinoa Salad with Roasted Eggplant and Chickpeas.


Who knew… broccoli florets are also little closed flower buds?! Check it out in last week’s Broccoli and Kale Stir-Fry with Rice and Ginger-Avocado Sauce.

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