Sweet Potato Toast 4 Ways February 28, 2018

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A toast to the greatest thing since sliced bread… sweet potatoes.

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While we love ourselves a thick slice of wholesome whole wheat bread or chewy sourdough, there’s more than one vessel for your toast toppings besides, ya know, toast. Enter… sweet potatoes.

You’ve likely seen the sweet taters roasted as a star side dish or mashed with a swirl of maple syrup and sprinkle of spices, but today we’re toasting (or baking) it until soft but still sturdy enough to transport sweet and savory toppings alike.

How to make sweet potato toast:

…in the toaster:

To toast your sweet potatoes, first slice into thin, 1/4-inch thick rounds. No need to brush with oil, here. Just toast until slightly soft but not too soft, 4-5 minutes. Every toaster is different, so be sure to watch carefully.

in the oven:

If you’re in the mood to crank up the oven instead of the toaster, preheat it to 350ºF and slice sweet potatoes into thin, 1/4-inch thick rounds. Coat with a small amount of oil and place on a baking sheet, making sure not to crowd ’em too close together. Bake about 15 minutes, then flip and bake another 10-12 minutes until a fork can easily pierce through the center. Again, make sure to watch carefully. Mushy sweet potatoes would be a serious buzzkill for the toppings we have in store.

And now for the fun part… topping!

For all the parents out there, here’s your cue to corral the little sous chefs into the kitchen to help out.

    1. Nutty Apple Blueberry

    sweet potato toast-4-ways-recipes-HelloFresh-almond-butter-apples-blueberries

    Almond butter + apple slices + blueberries + cinnamon

    First, a schmear of almond butter shows up. Then, crisp apples and juicy bluebs join the party. And to top it off, a dusting of cinnamon.

    2. Maple Banana Split

    sweet potato toast-4-ways-recipes-HelloFresh-tahini-banana-maple-syrup-pecans

    Tahini + banana + maple syrup + chopped pecans 

    Think sesame seeds are only destined for a life on bagels? Think again. When you grind ’em up, these tiny wonders magically transform into a thick, nutrient-packed spread called tahini — which you’ve likely already tasted in hummus. But here, it doubles as a pillow for banana coins, crunchy pecans, and a drizzle of maple syrup. The result? A perfectly sweet breakfast, brunch, dessert, or anytime snack.

    3. Anything-But-Ordinary Avo Toast

    sweet potato toast-4-ways-recipes-HelloFresh-avocado-feta-cheese-pomegranate

    Smashed avocado + feta cheese + pomegranate seeds

    The first thing you’ll taste when biting into these gems is tangy feta with a creaminess that can only be matched by that of thick and chunky avocado. With pops of sweet pomegranate seeds and a base of dense sweet potato, this is a toast for the books.

    4. Figgy Ricotta and Honey

    sweet potato toast-4-ways-recipes-HelloFresh-figs-ricotta-honey-pumpkin-seeds

    Ricotta + sliced figs + honey + toasted pumpkin seeds 

    As a creamy and mild Italian cheese, ricotta is the perfect blank slate for layers of sweet and savory flavors alike. Here, we’re adding slices of fresh figs (which can be subbed for the dried version if fresh aren’t available), a drizzle of naturally sweet honey, and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds that are toasted first to amplify their deep, nutty flavor.

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