Sweeten the Holiday Right With Lemon Olive Oil Pistachio Tuiles December 12, 2014

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Photos by Colavita

We’re so happy that Colavita’s resident sweet-tooth, Jessie Oleson Moore, is sharing this delightful treat for the holidays with us, here at HelloFresh. The goal was to make tasty treats in the healthiest way possible. So for the holidays, she rolled up her sleeves and got a bit dusty and slick with confectioners’ sugar and Colavita Limonolio Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to create a healthy but delectable indulgence: Lemon Olive Oil Pistachio Tuiles.

Here’s Jessie’s story on theTuiles:

First things first: how do you say the name of this cookie? Tuile rhymes with “wheel”, and ideally should be uttered in your Frenchiest accent. “Tuile” comes from the French word for “tile”; allegedly, the cookies’ resemblance to a particular type of roof tile are said to have inspired the name. While that particular connection may be a bit tenuous, the cookies are a sophisticated delight, lightly crunchy and bursting with flavor.


Made with Colavita’s Limonolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which contains fresh lemon, the crunchy cookies deliver a pleasing zing to the flavor which is sublimely rounded out by lightly salty pistachios. For a simple presentation, dust them with confectioners’ sugar, or if you’re in the mood to gild the lily, dip or drizzle your “tiles” in decadent Perugina chocolate.

To get the recipe,go here.


Without Perugina Chocolate


With Perugina Chocolate

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