4 Kitchen Tools That’ll Make Taco Night a Breeze September 18, 2017

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Next week’s 20-minute meal? TACOS. Sesame beef with quick-pickled veggies and spicy crema, to be exact. Select this rocket-fast recipe off the menu, then read up on the kitchen tools that’ll make cooking it even easier. Because if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that a well-stocked kitchen = a very happy taco dinner indeed.  

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Tacos are no stranger to the HelloFresh kitchen for obvious reasons. They’re easy to prepare, loaded with flavor, and perfect for nights when free time is not your friend. And with the correct kitchen tools, you can whip up ones like next week’s Sesame Beef Tacos with Quick-Pickled Veggies and Spicy Crema in as little as 20 minutes.

1. Classic, 8-inch cook’s knife

kitchen tools-cook's-knife-HelloFresh-kitchenware

If there’s anything that’ll slow you down, it’s a dull knife. And because tacos require a good amount of slicing and dicing for the toppings, your safest bet is to go for an all-purpose and insanely durable knife versatile enough to thinly slice scallions and cucumbers, cut through radishes crosswise, and mince cilantro.

kitchen tools-sesame-beef-tacos-HelloFresh

2. A sturdy wooden cutting board

kitchen tools-cutting-board-kitchenware-HelloFresh

A knife is only as good as its partner cutting board, which means it’s equally as important to use a thick, durable, and dependable wooden variety with finger holds for easy transport — because the last thing taco night needs is a flimsy plastic cutting board that flies off the countertop and takes all the toppings with it.

3. Various mixing bowls

kitchen tools-mixing-bowls-HelloFresh-kitchenware

Next week’s taco recipes calls for two bowls: a medium-sized one to quick pickle the cucumbers and radishes and a smaller one to mix together the sour cream and Korean chili flakes for the spicy crema. Stocking up on different colored bowls that nest inside each other makes it easy as ever to find the right sized one for the task and save cabinet space in the process.

4. A fry pan that spreads heat evenly

kitchen tools-fry-pan-HelloFresh-kitchenware

Don’t overlook the power of a slope-slided fry pan to quickly and efficiently cook the cabbage, scallions, and ground beef in next week’s recipe until softened and tender. With a thick, aluminum core that spreads heat evenly along the bottom and up the sides, a good fry pan is a must-have for taco night and beyond.

And whatever you do, make sure it has handles that stay cool so you can cook safely and comfortably.

Craving tacos now? Us, too. Select next week’s Sesame Beef Tacos off the menu today to cook it next week. And in the meantime, learn more about the chef-approved essentials for sale in our Kitchenware collection by watching this back-to-cooking-school giveaway game show we hosted live on our Facebook page last week (starts at the 7:40 minute mark).

Keep an eye out for more live videos and giveaways to come!

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