Mom, take a load off!! April 26, 2015

by Lifestyle

How is there only one day a year designated to celebrating mothers?  If it were up to us, you ladies would be appreciated year-round.  All the love, compromises, support, sacrifices, and love (again!), we know you are truly someone who needs to be valued.

Don’t fret- HelloFresh has excellent news!  Whether you are a Mom, have one, or are a Mom to-be, we’re bringing in reinforcements to give Mom’s everywhere a much-needed break. We’ve teamed up with Homejoy and Brightly to give away some great prizes and give Mom back some “me time”!

Enter to win:

  • 1 year ($500) of cleaning services from Homejoy
  • 1 month of meals from HelloFresh
  • 20 books — 10 for you and 10 for your kids

Learn more about how to enter here!

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