The Best Apples for Baking, Snacking, & Cooking October 19, 2016

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Apples here, apples there, apples EVERYWHERE. In other words, fall has arrived.  

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Some like to think of apples as fruits, but we prefer thinking of them as nature’s candy — the kind you can enjoy without an ounce of guilt. Now that’s our kind of candy. They’re refreshingly sweet, occasionally tart, and chock-full of nutrients to keep the doctor away. Far, far away.

“One medium apple provides 14% of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake and 18% of your daily recommended fiber intake to keep your immune system strong, help you feel full, and prevent a blood sugar spike” explains Rebecca, our in-house dietitian. “They’re also rich sources of pectin and polyphenols, both of which are beneficial to heart health by helping reduce cholesterol.

But with so many varieties out there, how can anyone remember the subtle flavor and texture differences between them all? Or when to use which types? Certainly not us. So before making a mad dash for the grocery store and dueling it out with the other shoppers (kidding, don’t do that), read up on their subtle differences, pin and print our guide, and stick it on your refrigerator! This way, you’ll never end up with a cobbler that’s too tart or a pie that’s depressingly mushy. Ever again. Now that’s cause to celebrate, don’t you think?

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1. Red Delicious

Flavor: Mildly sweet

Texture: Soft and mealy

How to use: Snack and salads

Fun Fact: Red Delicious apples are the most popular apple variety in the US

2. Fuji

Flavor: Sweet and slightly tart

Texture: Crisp, firm, and juicy

How to use: Snacks, salads, and baked

Fun Fact: Fuji apples are a cross between Red Delicious and Ralls Janet

3. Jazz

Flavor: Tart and slightly sweet

Texture: Dense and crunchy

How to use: Snacks and baked

Fun Fact: Jazz apples are a cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn

4. Golden Delicious

Flavor: Super sweet

Texture: Juicy but not very crunchy

How to use: Snacks, salads, and sauces

Fun Fact: Despite the name, Golden Delicious apples are not related to Red Delicious

5. Granny Smith

Flavor: Tart and sour

Texture: Crisp, firm, and moderately juicy

How to use: Salads, sauces, juices, and cooked

Fun Fact: Granny Smith apples originated in Australia

best apples for baking-HelloFresh

Inspired to start cooking with this beloved autumnal ingredient? Check out our list of seven savory apple recipes.

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