Kick Off 2018 By Cooking With Truffle Zest December 23, 2017

by Eat

Say hello to the new year with a little ingredient that packs BIG flavor… truffle zest! It takes center stage in next week’s Rib-Eye Steak and Truffled Potato Gratin, a premium recipe which you can order today.

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What are truffles?

If your mind immediately turns to chocolate, you’re not alone. Truffles are, indeed, the name of a sweet treat — but those aren’t the ones we’re talking about here. Nope, today we’re all about the savory truffle, which is a rare, edible type of fungus similar to mushrooms. It grows 3-12 inches underground near the roots of trees (usually oak, chestnut, hazel, and beech), and is sniffed out by specially trained animals.

What’s the best way to cook with truffles?

Most chefs opt to slice truffles raw over dishes such as pasta, rice, salad, eggs, and meat. However, they can also be infused into sauces, soups, butter, and oils. In next week’s recipe, we’re using truffles in the form of a powdered spice blend, known as truffle zest, to add a punch of umami flavor to the creamy potato gratin speckled with chives.

What does truffle zest taste like?

Expect a subtly earthy, slightly sweet, and tad bit salty taste when cooking with truffle zest. And remember — a little bit goes a long way!

Order next week’s Premium Rib-Eye Steak and Truffled Potato Gratin with Spinach and a Roasted Garlic and Tomato sauce today. Trust us — this is a can’t-miss.

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