Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas For The Whole Family February 7, 2020

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Nothing makes a morning person like a heart-shaped meal, so rise and shine with these easy-as-can-be dishes.

valentine's day breakfast ideas-HelloFresh-tableThe heart-happy celebration falls on a Friday this year, so naturally, morningtime will call for super speed. Whether it’s a schoolday for little ones or a workday for not-so-little ones, trust these quick and simple labors of love to keep ’em full until lunchtime.

And of course, we couldn’t help but add a little something sweet to the mix. So if you’re not enjoying a long, luxurious brunch with your valentine like you deserve, simply save it for a special dessert later on.

Egg-in-a-Heart Toast

valentine's day breakfast ideas-HelloFresh-egg Bust out your pan for this crowdpleaser and start the day with some deliciously yolk-y sunshine.


  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Slice Bread
  • 1 Tablespoon Butter
  • 1 Spoonful Jam


  1. Cut a heart-shaped hole in the center of a piece of bread and butter it lightly. TIP: Consider using a heart-shaped cookie cutter if you’d rather not do it freehand.
  2. Fry the first side in a non-stick pan or cast iron skillet until lightly browned. If there’s extra room in the pan, go ahead and toast the heart cut-out as well.
  3. Flip the bread to brown the other sides, carefully cracking an egg into the center hole.
  4. Cook until egg white is set but yolk is not yet hard.
  5. Remove from pan and spread jam on heart cut-out to taste.

Lovea-bowl Granola

valentine's day breakfast ideas-HelloFresh-granolaWhen it comes to this breakfast, anything goes. Customize with pomegranate seeds, shredded coconut, almond butter, and beyond.


  • 2 Cups Greek Yogurt
  • 1½ Cups Granola
  • 1 Banana, sliced
  • Honey, to taste


  1. Pour yogurt into a bowl and even the surface.
  2. Carefully add granola to the top in a concentrated heart. TIP: Consider using a heart-shaped cookie cutter if you’d rather not do it freehand.
  3. Surround with banana slices and drizzle over with honey.

Really want to wow your valentine? Try making your own granola. It’s easy, we promise!

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich

valentine's day breakfast ideas-HelloFresh-sandwich
Throw in some bacon or your favorite breakfast protein and say hello to cheesy, avocado goodness.

Thinking brunch or lunchtime? Try whipping up a red tomato paprika soup and dunk in the smoky flavor to your heart’s delight.

valentine's day breakfast ideas-HelloFresh-tomato soupSalted Caramel Sweeties

valentine's day breakfast ideas-HelloFresh-strawberries

We couldn’t leave strawberries out of the mix, what with their perfectly ruby juiciness. Try these sweeties with chocolate sauce or almond butter to switch things up — they’ll have your taste buds seeing fireworks either way.


  • 1 Carton Strawberries
  • 1 Cup Caramel Sauce
  • 1 Pinch Sea Salt


  1. Use a small paring knife to cut around the strawberry stems to fashion each one into a heart shape.
  2. Dip a small section of the bottom of each strawberry in caramel sauce and sprinkle with sea salt.

Once you’ve razzled and dazzled your valentine, you may want to reward the organ that makes all that lovin’ possible. Read up on the top 10 foods for heart health here.

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