We Love Our Mushrooms! January 10, 2014

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No, not those kind of mushrooms! Our awesome mushroom supplier, To-Jo Fresh Mushrooms, recently one Best in Show at the 2014 Pennsylvania Farm Show! Their impressive mushroom display won 1st place at the event, but we really love them for their delicious, fresh mushrooms we’ve been sending you! From button, to portobellos and shiitakes, they’ve got it all. This family owned business is based out of southern Pennsylvania and has been growing all sorts of shrooms for 4 generations – that’s a lot of mushrooms! Here are some of our favorite recipes featuring today’s star.


Grilled Vegetable Tostadas with Ancho Chile Sour Cream get the recipe here


Stuffed Portobellos over Wilted Spinach get the recipe here


Warm Herby Mushroom Salad with Avocado get the recipe here

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