Who Should Eat Beets? November 10, 2014

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Since nutrition is important to HelloFresh, having quality suppliers to work with is an important part of achieving our nutrition goals.  “Fresh” is not only part of our name, but also our promise. We work with some of the best suppliers in the country, and right now we are loving Love Beets.  Their beets are not only delicious and healthy – they are extremely convenient.  Love Beets are pre-cooked and are already peeled for you – leaving you to do nothing but enjoy their unique flavors.  This company has brought beets into the mainstream in a hip, modern, and fun way – and they have converted hundreds of people into beet lovers.  So this begs the question, who should eat beets?

Health Conscious Eaters:

Beets are full of many nutritional benefits.  The pigments that give beets their intense colors are called betalains.  These betalains work as an antioxidants and serve to reduce inflammation in our bodies.  Moreover, beets can help protect our liver functions and also help prevent “bad” cholesterol from turning into artery clogging plaques.


One of the most important muscles in our bodies is our hearts.  Beets are high in potassium which helps to keep our hearts and blood pressure healthy by strengthening our muscle contractions.  In addition, beets are also high in nitrates – which help increase our physical stamina when we exercise.  Nitrates work by helping to widen the blood vessels to increase blood flow.

Pregnant Women:

Beets are full of folic acid – which is an essential nutrient that are bodies are unable to make (meaning we need to eat it to get it).  Folic acid is especially important during pregnancy to prevent spinal cord defects and help with the babies developing brain.  Additionally, beets are an iron-rich food source and can help those at risk for anemia (which often presents as being tired all the time).

Picky Eaters:

Beets are naturally very sweet, which makes them a tasty ingredient to use in a range of dishes and a great new vegetable to introduce to picky eaters.  One of the most delicious ways to bring out the sweetness in beets is to roast them.  Another helpful hint is that by combining them with something sweet, (like oranges slices) or something tangy (like vinegar), also enhances the beets’ flavor.


Beets are like scarlet cubes of deliciousness – they add a gorgeous punch of color to any dish.  Although typically a beautiful reddish-purple shade, beets also come in varieties that are white, golden/yellow or even striped red and white.   By the way, beets can also be juiced and even their gorgeous stems, the beet greens, are delectable as well.

You, that’s right – you!

We all have a little bit of an adventurer in us.  For those of us that are unfamiliar with this this vegetable, beets offer a little bit of it all; a rich luscious hue, delicious sweet taste, an earthy smell (think of fresh clean soil after a rain storm), a soft silky texture, and feel-good nutritional appeal.

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is difficult – when you are working on changing your eating habits, time and convenience are usually two things that can get in the way.  However, with services that take some of these barriers to healthy eating off the table, making that leap towards better nutrition becomes easier.  HelloFresh wants to make cooking easy, as well as bring a little fun and variety into your kitchen.  One way we do this is by selecting ingredients from suppliers like Love Beets that also stand behind our vision of helping people get back into the kitchen where they can enjoy the act of cooking and feel really good about the healthy foods they are eating.

Want to test some of our recipes where we’ve used Love Beets? Check some out below!

 Fall Pasta Primavera

Fall Pasta Primavera

Roasted Beet Salad with Apples and Feta Cheese

Roasted Beet and Apple Salad

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