5 Essential Back-to-School Tips September 14, 2016

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Just because the lazy days of summer are behind us doesn’t mean the school year has to be stressful. Kick off fall on a healthy and organized note with our five back-to-school tips.

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Colorful leaves, an abundance of apples, and dipping temperatures can only mean one thing: fall is in full force. And if you’re anything like us, your thoughts immediately turn to perfectly sharpened pencils, squeeky clean sneakers, and school buses. However, we would be lying if we said the back-to-school season wasn’t also stressful–especially when hours of homework, extra-curricular activities, and car pooling eat up your time. We totally get it and have come equipped with five kitchen tips to keep you organized and healthy while easing into the fall routine.

1. Clean out the fridge

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Before stocking your refrigerator shelves and drawers, take time to clean them out. Remove everything (yes, everything) before scrubbing the shelves with a sponge, warm water, and liquid dish soap. While you’re at it, wipe down the drawers, toss away expired foods, and throw a “we love leftovers, clean refrigerators, and fresh starts” dinner party.

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2. Stock your pantry

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With healthy staples on hand, you’ll be far less likely to reach for the nasty stuff when things get hectic. Fill your shelves with rolled oats, nuts, lentils, seeds, whole grain pasta, rice, and dried fruit.

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3. Plan ahead

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Deciding what to cook is more than half the battle. But by taking a few minutes on Sunday to plan your weeknight meals, you won’t find yourself frantically rummaging through the fridge or taking last-minute trips to the grocery store. Plus, you’ll avoid buying more food than you need and save money in the process.

But if you want to skip the long grocery lines entirely, HelloFresh is the way to go. We do the meal planning and grocery shopping, so you can save time and focus on the fun part: cooking (and eating, obviously).

4. Dust off your slow cooker

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Slow cookers are a back-to-school dream-come-true. Put the kids on the bus, toss everything into this magical pot, and go about your day working, running errands, helping with homework, and cheering on the sidelines at soccer games. Before you know it, 6pm will roll around and dinner will actually be ready.

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5. Whatever you do, DON’T skip breakfast

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After sleeping for 6-8 hours, your blood sugar is low and your brain doesn’t work as well. The solution? Breakfast. Even during hectic mornings, it’s imperative for kids to load up on all the energy they need for the school day ahead. Aim for a combination of healthy fats (avocado and nut butters), lean proteins (eggs and Greek yogurt), whole grain carbs (oats and whole wheat bread), and colorful fruits (bananas and apples).

Looking for more early morning inspiration? Look no further. We’ve got recipes for overnight oats, almond flour pancakes, wonder waffles, and even fancy toast right here.

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