Your New Favorite Burger is Here! September 12, 2016

by Eat

THE ICON BURGER IS HERE! We repeat, THE ICON BURGER IS HERE! And if you couldn’t already tell from our excessive use of caps locks and exclamation points, we’re pretty excited about it.

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

Over the past week, we’ve tempted you with 10 of our best juicy burger recipes, convinced you that pickles are the next best thing, and proclaimed our undying love for burgers time and time again. Call us dramatic, but once you get your hands on our all-star burger recipe, you’ll understand why.

It’s stacked high with a rich short-rib blend, mild cheddar cheese, crunchy pickles, red onions, crisp greens, and a generous smear of mustard and ketchup. Sound like a mouthful? Fortunately, our thick seeded potato buns are hearty enough to hold all the juicy deliciousness together. One bite is all it takes to put the fierce burger competition to shame.

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

Our chefs swapped out traditional fries for zucchini ones. But let’s be clear: this is NOT one of those healthy swaps that ends up tasting like straight-up cardboard. No way. These gems are coated in panko and mayo, sprinkled with coarse sea salt, and baked to crispy, golden perfection in around twenty minutes.

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

This is a classic, never-goes-out-of-style, all-American kind of meal. It’s iconic, and we can’t wait for you to try it. Log in to your account, select The Icon Burger, and get your napkins ready. You’re going to need them.

Make sure to snap a photo and tag it with #TheIconBurger and #HelloFreshPics BEFORE your plate looks like this…

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

Anxiously waiting for your box to arrive? Pass the time by reading up on the correct ways to store herbs and veggies.

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