Your New Favorite Burger is Here! September 12, 2016

by Eat

THE ICON BURGER IS HERE! We repeat, THE ICON BURGER IS HERE! And if you couldn’t already tell from our excessive use of caps locks and exclamation points, we’re pretty excited about it.

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

Over the past week, we’ve tempted you with 10 of our best juicy burger recipes, convinced you that pickles are the next best thing, and proclaimed our undying love for burgers time and time again. Call us dramatic, but once you get your hands on our all-star burger recipe, you’ll understand why.

It’s stacked high with a rich short-rib blend, mild cheddar cheese, crunchy pickles, red onions, crisp greens, and a generous smear of mustard and ketchup. Sound like a mouthful? Fortunately, our thick seeded potato buns are hearty enough to hold all the juicy deliciousness together. One bite is all it takes to put the fierce burger competition to shame.

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

Our chefs swapped out traditional fries for zucchini ones. But let’s be clear: this is NOT one of those healthy swaps that ends up tasting like straight-up cardboard. No way. These gems are coated in panko and mayo, sprinkled with coarse sea salt, and baked to crispy, golden perfection in around twenty minutes.

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

This is a classic, never-goes-out-of-style, all-American kind of meal. It’s iconic, and we can’t wait for you to try it. Log in to your account, select The Icon Burger, and get your napkins ready. You’re going to need them.

Make sure to snap a photo and tag it with #TheIconBurger and #HelloFreshPics BEFORE your plate looks like this…

juicy burger-Icon-HelloFresh

Anxiously waiting for your box to arrive? Pass the time by reading up on the correct ways to store herbs and veggies.

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Lizz says:

HOLY STUFF! My box came last night and I couldn’t wait t make these – my husband and I stood side by side and made the most delish meal we had in quite a bit! too bad we ate before we snapped a photo 🙁

Jacqueline says:

Lizz – SO happy you and your husband enjoyed The Icon Burger as much as we do!!

Suzanne Artzberger says:

We tried this last night! The burger was delicious! The zucchini fries were not:( They were anything but crispy. They looked like the photo but were mushy with most of the panko gone and ended up un-eaten on our plates. I’d be looking for better instructions to ensure crispness or a different side for this dish.

Jacqueline says:

Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear that the zucchini fries weren’t all the way there for you, Suzanne. We’ll pass your feedback along to our chefs, and hope that we can wow you next time!

Super idea for folks who can eat anything. It looks absolutely scrumptious, but I couldn’t partake – nor do I feed my own 10 pound furry friend items I can’t eat myself.

What are your options for those with food allergies, or who are gluten-sensitive? (so no buns, no panko or breading of any type, no flour-thickened sauces, etc.)

Please don’t suggest removing the items with gluten – it doesn’t really work that way, plus, who wants to pay for food you can’t eat?

Eager to hear, and I have my fingers crossed that you will tell me that gluten-free boxes are already in the works.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
– ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
“It takes a village to transform a world!”

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Madelyn! Ingredient transparency is incredibly important to us, and we set out to make sure you know exactly what’s in your food. While we don’t offer a Gluten Free plan, we do try to include 2-3 Gluten Free meals per week. All of GF recipes are clearly marked as such, and you’ll have access to this information as well as the full recipe itself even before checkout. Otherwise, substituting and omitting is super easy, as everything is packaged and labeled separately. You’ll also see a full ingredients list and nutritional breakdown for each recipe on our website before you choose your meals.

If you have further questions about how HelloFresh can work for your dietary needs, please feel free to reach out to our Dietitian/Nutritionist at!

Cathy says:

I wish I had signed up sooner so I could have gotten this burger!

Jacqueline says:

Hi Cathy – We’re so bummed you missed it! Everyone LOVED The Icon Burger, so we’re definitely going to chat with our chefs to convince them to put it back on the menu sometime soon. There may still be hope for you to taste this juicy gem, so keep an eye out!

Ana Gabriel says:

How do I get this burger?????

Jacqueline says:


Unfortunately, The Icon Burger is not available anymore. However, because everyone loved it sooooo much, we’re trying to convince our chefs to put it back on the menu sometime soon. No promises, but we’re trying our best! In the meantime, there are a whole slew of mouthwatering burgers on the HelloFresh menu in the coming weeks. Next week, for example, our chefs created a juicy pork and apple burger perfect for fall. Check it out on our website.

Sidonie says:

The icon burger is excellent!!

Jordan Schultz says:

Thanks Sidonie! We’re glad you loved it as much as we did!

Ebbie says:

So is this not available anymore? I saw the ad on Facebook today and signed up specifically so we could try this burger? Very disappointed that you guys are still advertising something that is no longer available for purchase.

Jacqueline says:

Unfortunately, The Icon Burger is not available anymore. But, we do have an AMAZING pork and apple burger on the menu next week that’s perfect for fall. Head to our website to learn more!

Antoinette & Wayne Robinette. says:

I have only received 1 box so far but I am completely on board. My hubby and I made 2 meals already and talk about fun. I received a Jamie Oliver cookbook as a gift and never had all the ingredients to make the recipes. I gave the book to my daughter who loves the meals. I am so satisfied with Hello Fresh, since I retired eating the same old meals has been boring. But you have made it fun, healthy and tasty. I will continue ordering and enjoying each box. I wait in anticipation for our next week box. Hubby and I together cooking is just one more way to celebrate our 50 years together. I only wish you had more pork, steak & chicken since I am allergic to any type of seafood. Thank you from the bottom of my tummy, lol.

Jacqueline says:

Antoinette and Wayne,

We’re so happy you’re a part of the HelloFresh family and find it as wholesome, delicious, and FUN as we do! We’ll be sure to pass that advice on to our chefs.

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