3 Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Asian Pears Right Now November 8, 2017

by Eat

Asian pears are wholesome, delicious, and conveniently on the menu next week. Order the Chicken Thighs in Kimchi Sauce with an Asian Pear Slaw and Jasmine Rice and we’ll deliver everything you need to enjoy ’em to your doorstep.

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Whoever said an apple a day keeps the doctor away may not have experienced the light sweetness and crispy texture of Asian pears, but we’re not going to let that stop you from enjoying them.

The history of this must-have fruit spans almost three thousand years when they were first grown in China and Japan. Today, they’re grown and loved all over the world for their sweet flavor, which is probably why you may hear some people call them apple pears (or Nashi pears, or sand pears) instead. That juiciness makes them perfect for salads, slaws, and even cakes and stuffings.

Still wondering what makes them so delightful?

1. Healthy

Asian pears pack lots of things our bodies love, like fiber, micronutrients, and potassium. So with 8% of your daily vitamin C recommendation, copper, and vitamin K, you can bet on feeling amazing after taking a bite out of one of these.

Plus, they’re low in calories and high in usefulness — in Chinese medicine, they’re known for their detoxifying and purifying abilities.

2. Tasty

What makes your taste buds happier than enjoying Asian pears in their prime season? (Hint: it’s happening right now!) Don’t wait another minute to celebrate this crisp time of year with this honeyed pear. And when you start craving even more timely flavors, mix up your meals with equally seasonal pomegranates, blood oranges, or persimmons this winter.

3. Easy

asian pears-HelloFresh-slaw

It’s truly never been easier to put Asian pears on your plate as it is this very minute. See them shine in the tangy, sesame slaw in next week’s 20-minute meal; not only will it show up at your door just when you want it, but it’ll also take just 20 minutes to whip up something irresistible. No hassle — just a simple, easy-to-master recipe.

Select them today if they sound as necessary to you as they do to us. As for the rest of the meal, we haven’t even gotten started on the perfect balance of jasmine rice with the fiercely feisty personality of the chicken thighs, but you can bet it’s certifiably delicious.

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