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Behind the Scenes

You Should Be Eating Cranberries for Breakfast — and other Important Life Lessons We Learned at a Cranberry Bog

Behind the Scenes November 26, 2019

Down a dirt road lined with pitch pine trees and white clapboard colonial houses, 30 minutes outside Cape Cod, Mass, you’ll find a cranberry bog on The Most Thanksgiving-Ready Farm in America.

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How to Make Chewy DIY Dog Treats From a HelloFresh Recipe

Eat August 1, 2019

We get it, your pooch is part of the family! But while those adorable puppy dog eyes may make you want to share your dinner, it’s not always safe (...)

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I love you cook biscotti

Danette says:

Think you can whip up one for cats? No dogs in this house but I have my feline babies and they beg *all* *the* *time*.

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Get a Sneak Peek of Our New TV Commercials (with real best friends!)

Behind the Scenes September 25, 2018

If you’ve been watching TV lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of our new commercials featuring real customers who really, really love HelloFresh. Continue reading for the inside scoop! 

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Kristi Linn says:

I love cooking with my husband. We recently got married and were given a free box by my brother. Since then we have been hooked and every day we look forward to coming home from work and cooking together!

Jordan Schultz says:

That’s wonderful, Kristi! Congratulations and welcome to our family!

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HelloFresh Celebrates World Oceans Day With Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Behind the Scenes June 8, 2018

HelloFresh has always been committed to providing customers environmentally responsible seafood (both wild-caught and farm-raised). But last year, we made it official by partnering with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® and are excited to celebrate on today of all days… World Oceans Day!

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Andrea says:

This is great news!

Bobby says:

Great decision by Hello Fresh to source species and environmentally safe seafood.

Nia says:

Don’t forget scallops. Scallops please ease 😀

Tahla says:

Is there any chance of a pescatarian box?

Jacqueline says:

Tahla – currently we don’t offer a pescatarian box. However, we’re always looking to improve and will be sure to pass this along to our culinary team.

Merrill Turner says:

Thank you for your concern about the health of our oceans!

Lauire says:

Is all of your sea food wild caught. I refuse to eat farm raised fish and if not wild caught do you let people know that it is farm raised.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Laurie! Jordan here, from our community team. Our seafood is a combination of wild-caught and sustainably raised.

Rob Coble says:

Is the salmon wild caught? I have some of your salmon here but I want to know before I decide if I am going to cook it.

Jordan Schultz says:

That varies by location, week and certain other factors. Part of this Monterey partnership means that we are making choices based on sustainability guidelines. That means that if wild-caught salmon are overfished at the moment, sustainably farmed salmon would rank higher.

Evelyn O'Connor says:

I have recommended in the past utilize pearl couscous or quinoa, bulgur or red rice. much more appetizing. Just saying.

Jacqueline says:

Thanks for the tip, Evelyn! We’ll definitely pass this along to our culinary team. They’re always looking to improve and experiment with new ingredients.

Gweneta Borden says:

This is great news! However, just would like you to know that I only eat fishes that a kosher.

Jordan Schultz says:

We’ll pass that along to our team, Gweneta!

cheryl says:

I think this is WONDERFUL! I don’t eat fish because 20 years ago I heard a spokesperson from the Shedd Aquarium speak at length about how our oceans are empty due to over fishing.

I am behind you 100%.

Ellen Weeks says:

Sounds like a great idea! Those of us away from coastal markets will appreciate that option!

Valerie Franklin says:

THANK YOU! As a long-time subscriber, I want to thank you for teaming up with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to select sustainable seafood options, and all your efforts to choose sustainable meats and products. When I open the box every week, I read every label to see where it has come from and what is in it. Thanks again, it makes our decisions easier!

Jacqueline says:

Only the best ingredients for the HelloFresh family!! We’re so happy to hear how much you’ve been loving HelloFresh, Valerie 🙂

Denise Bell says:

Soooo appreciate your commitment to sustainable fisheries!

Lisa says:

As long as we get seafoods other than cod and salmon I’m happy… Yuck. Keep the shrimp coming, would love to see things like scallops in boxes

Jacqueline says:

Duly noted, Lisa!! We’ll pass this along to the culinary team.

I am sharing HelloFRESH with my patients.

I have shared Hello Fresh with many of my patients.

Jordan Schultz says:

Jordan from the community team, here. That’s amazing to hear! Thanks for sharing the love!

Linda says:

Thanks we love fish!!!

Jacqueline says:

We’re with you, Linda!

Fatima Azam says:

Hi! I’m still learning about HelloFRESH.I’ve seen u have Moroccan food ,I’m from Kashmiri,Pakistan and I was wondering by chance ,do u have any eastern,Asian meals?I love most food’s moreover I’m accustomed to PKistan food.TbankYou! And I’m hopefull to be a Hello FRESH customer soon.
Warmest wishes,
Fatima Azam

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Fatima! We regularly offer recipes inspired by cultures around the world. Check out upcoming offerings here:

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Behind The Scenes of Our New TV Commercials

Behind the Scenes February 1, 2018

If you've been channel surfing lately, odds are you've come across our new series of TV commercials. But if not, you're in luck. In addition to sharing the clips, we're (...)

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Mrs dapello says:

Yes honey munchkin pumpkin

Bakers Dozen says:

I’ve seen angry posts about the mixed couple and the woman admitting she found out she has MS. As a woman recently diagnosed, hearing she has it and how using Hello Fresh could be helpful for the fatigue this illness causes – a fatigue that is beyond explanation. Lately I’m inundated w ads for meal prep kits. This is the one i keep wanting to try because it DID strike a nerve.

Bonnie says:

Look at posts by wendy roberts
Owners of Limberlost Lodge in northern Ontario
Giving you fabulous reviews from a remote location with limited shopping options
Great way to promote your products for an area under serviced

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Difference Between Cage-Free and Free Range Eggs

Behind the Scenes November 17, 2017

Think all eggs are created equal? Think again. Learn the difference between cage-free and free range eggs with some help from Happy Egg Co., a community of farmers who know a thing or two about keeping hens happy.

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Jack says:

Great article on the specifics of how eggs are labeled. I would love to see Hello Fresh provide more truly sustainable food options on their menu. While this was an interesting article, I don’t think that eggs are a huge ingredient in Hello Fresh meals. I’d be curious to learn if Hello Fresh chicken is free range as mentioned above.

I’m a relatively new subscriber but would love to see more grass-fed beef and similar options on the menu. Hello Fresh does a good job providing quality food, we have been happy with everything so far! It would be great to see even a portion of your suppliers be smaller growers. Similar to your premium meal offerings, I would be willing to pay extra for this style of meals.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Jack– We hear your feedback, and we appreciate you sharing it with us. We’ll certainly pass it along to our product team.

-Jordan from the community team

Donna Lloyd says:

On my next order please do not include meat. Meaning red meats, pork, beef or poultry. I would like seafood only,veggies & fruits,pasta,fresh herbs, etc… just no meat please thank You!!!!

Jacqueline Parisi says:

Hi Donna! We have a wonderful Veggie Plan filled with plant-based proteins, grains, and seasonal produce — but no meat. That would be the plan for you (and if you’re not already signed up for it, please go ahead and log in to switch your plan).

At the moment, our Veggie Plan doesn’t offer fish/seafood options, but stay tuned! We’re always looking to improve.

Alix Martin says:

Please could you let me know if your chicken is free range?

Jordan Schultz says:

Our suppliers vary by region. For more information about food sourcing, chat with us 24/7 at (in the bottom right corner).

Natalie says:

But surely you would know if the chicken you give in your boxes is free range or not, as standard, regardless of region?

This ambiguity is what is stopping me from taking the plunge with Hello Fresh.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Natalie– Our chicken vendors are not all free-range across the board, but you’ll have to contact for more information about your regional suppliers.

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Join HelloFresh and WONDER in Choosing Kind For The Chance to Win BIG

Behind the Scenes October 28, 2017

Have fun. #ChooseKind. Win BIG. Continue reading to get up to speed on this WONDER-ful kindness campaign. 

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Mattie Childs says:

I do not like pumpkin or pork chicken and fish is what I really like I do not like chili I do not like being soup and all that that is one of the reason I cancelled for this week that’s in that being whatever I do not like that thank you

Allison Borg says:

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. My kids and I read this book together and are really looking forward to the movie. We get the family box every week, so when I received an email about the Wonder postcard and possible movie tickets, they were so excited! However, when we opened our box today, there was nothing. No postcard, no movie tickets, just our usual family box and recipe cards. They were so bummed.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Allison! This is Jordan from our community team at HelloFresh. We’re so sorry about the mixup. If you can email my team at, we’ll mail you out a postcard, so that you can fill it out with your kids. Just be sure to include your shipping address!

Joanne Remaley says:

How do I quit?

Hi Joanne, please give our customer care center a call at 646-846-FOOD (3663)!

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Kick Off National Seafood Month With A 20-Min. Tilapia Recipe

Behind the Scenes October 2, 2017

Join us in celebrating all there is to love about seafood — from responsible sourcing practices to incredible health benefits — by cooking next week’s 20-Minute Crispy Breaded Tilapia with Asparagus, Lemon Chive Sauce, and Ciabatta Toasts (which you can order now!)

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Russell Kennedy says:

Would you be kind enough to send me this delicious recipe please

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14 Questions with the First Mom in Space (+why 20-Min Meals are out of this world)

Behind the Scenes September 22, 2017

We’re celebrating the launch of 20-Minute Meals with Anna Fisher, the first mom in space. Why? Because she knows a thing or two about multitasking and going really, really fast. Plus, she cooks a mean butternut squash agnolotti.

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Behind The Scenes of an Easy Salmon Recipe with Blue Circle Foods

Behind the Scenes September 11, 2017

How one ocean-friendly crew is making next week’s seasonal salmon dish even more delicious.

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rita rotella says:

I have been very impressed with the freshness of your fish and meat products. very happy to read they are raised without antibiotics, etc. thank you!!!

Jordan Schultz says:

Jordan here, our community team lead. Thanks for your kind words, and happy cooking!

Virginia Zikor says:

We do not want any more deliveries!

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi there– Jordan here, our community team lead. You can cancel your subscription in your account page or by calling us at 1-800-733-2414.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi there– Jordan here, our community team lead. You can cancel your subscription in your account page, or by calling us at 1-800-733-2414.

Pamela Taylor says:

I am allergice to something in all but Pacific Salmon. If your salmon is not Pacific, Ocean-caught salmon, I can’t eat it. I have no idea what it is. I just know I Always get sick with anything other than Pacific caught salmon. I’m sorry to read your fish is pen raised, even if under the most humane conditons possible! I was atrongly considering purchasing through Groupon!

Karla Lemarr says:

I love that the salmon are not being fed GMO food I am looking for more non GMO foods and all organic food. Do you have that available?

Jacqueline Parisi says:

Good question, Karla! Some, but not all, of our ingredients are organic. However, we work with trusted, experienced and sustainable partners to ensure high quality, seasonal, and farm-sourced produce is delivered to you at peak freshness. You can learn more about our suppliers here:

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