Good Knives are the Key to Good Meals October 12, 2012

by cooking-isnt-about-the-fancy-gadgets-its-about

Cooking isn’t about the fancy gadgets, it’s about the food.

Although, that being said, a few key tools can help you transform simple, healthy ingredients into delicious meals.

One of the top kitchen essentials on our list is a quality chef’s knife. This handy tool can be used to cut, chop, dice, and mince fruits, veggies, meat, and fish.

When shopping for your new kitchen best friend, look for a knife that is high-carbon stainless steel (no rust!), one piece of metal (so the handle won’t separate from the blade), and balanced (find one that feels right in YOUR hand).

Invest in a great chef’s knife and you’ll be slicing and dicing like the pros in no time!

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