NOW ON THE MENU: Dinners That Transform Into Easy Lunch Recipes November 28, 2017

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The only thing better than a delicious, easy-to-cook dinner recipe? A delicious, easy-to-cook dinner recipe that comes with everything you need to turn it into a new, crave-worthy lunch for tomorrow.

Taste it to believe it when you order next week’s DINNER TO LUNCH here.

easy lunch recipes-HelloFresh-week two

Our chefs have gotten lots of feedback from the Fresh Fam over the years. So, it’s no surprise that simplifying mealtime is the number one priority in the test kitchen. (Don’t worry, deliciousness is waaay up there, too.)

For this most recent menu innovation, the chefs mixed and matched the best possible ingredients to create something totally new and exciting that redefines simplicity. A recipe that enables you to cook once and eat twice by including special ingredients and simple instructions to take the extras from dinner and make ’em into an irresistible second meal — lunch!

Need to see it for yourself?

Dinner. . .

easy lunch recipes-HelloFresh-Chicken and Pesto Pasta

Start with next week’s Chicken and Pesto Pasta dinner, a pesto-y cavatappi with flavorful chicken thighs and a dash of Parmesan. It hits the busy weeknight spot.

. . . to luncheasy lunch recipes-HelloFresh-Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Transform the extras into a pesto chicken sandwich on a baguette in a snap the next day. You’ll do it with key ingredients that easily heat, even at the office (your coworkers will be amazed, trust us).

Order this DINNER TO LUNCH recipe here. You’ll find more of these magical recipes with a DINNER TO LUNCH tag on the menu, so look out for ’em when you’re selecting your meals. (Spoiler alert: Mediterranean Chicken Couscous that transforms into a delicious salad is just around the corner.)

Looking for more time-saving, two-in-one inspiration? Add an effortless dose of flavor to any dish with this genius, two-in-one zester-grater.

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