10 Kitchen Essentials To Help Calm The Holiday Chaos December 1, 2017

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Nothing puts a damper on the most wonderful time of the year like old pans, dull knives, mis-matched storage containers, “meh” meals, and watery cocktails. But fear not — we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite Kitchenware items (with a limited-time, 40% discount using code HFESSENTIALS) to help calm the holiday chaos. This way, you can actually embrace the hustle-bustle of the season, HelloFresh style.

Oh — and if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gifts for food-loving friends, family, or co-workers, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Homemade Moscow Mule Set

kitchen essentials-homemade-Moscow-Mule-kit-Kitchenware-HelloFresh

Raise a glass to the holidays with all the tools you need to whip up the perfect Moscow Mule: cocktail syrup for instant flavor, a swirled bar spoon for mixing, a jigger for precise measurements, and a fancy schmancy ice tray so you can savor it all nice and slowly.

2. Home Bartender Ice Kit

kitchen essentials-home-bartender-ice-kit-Kitchenware-HelloFresh

With three unique shapes and sizes, each ice cube slowly and perfectly melts into your festive drinks without watering ’em down. But the best part? Protective lids that prevent freezer burn and allow for easy stacking.

3. Stemless Wine Glass Set

kitchen essentials-stemless-wine-glass-set-Kitchenware-HelloFresh

Picture this: a rich glass of Merlot in hand while you simmer and sauté your way through the holidays. Now picture these playful, chic, and high quality stemless glasses in your hand. Picture perfect, right?

Hint hint: we also have a Wine Club so you can get top-quality wines delivered straight to your doorstep! Just sayin’…

4. Infused Oil & Vinegar Kit

kitchen essentials-infused-oil-vinegar-kit-HelloFresh-Kitchenware

Add an extra oomph to your holiday dinner with this must-have infused oil and vinegar set, which includes basil olive oil, garlic olive oil, fig balsamic vinegar, and dark raspberry balsamic vinegar. Dip and drizzle to your heart’s content — Aunt Susie will be raving about your kale salad for years to come.

5. Ceramic Nonstick Superstar Kit

*Excluded from 40% offer

kitchen essentials-ceramic-nonstick-kit-Kitchenware-HelloFresh

Cook all the delicious holiday recipes you can dream up, easily and healthily with this complete kit. It comes equipped with a 10″ fry pan, 3-quart sauce pan, 3-quart sauté pan, Fresh Fam-approved oven mitt and pot holder set, handy wooden spoon, slotted turner, and spatula.

‘Cause let’s be honest — you have better things to do over the holidays than scrubbing your pans all night.

6. Hybrid Fry Pan

*Excluded from 40% offer

kitchen essentials-nonstick-stainless-steel-fry-pan-HelloFresh

You could ask yourself “nonstick or stainless steel?” every time you start cooking this holiday season… OR, you could have both with this revolutionary hybrid fry pan from Black Cube. Roast nuts, crisp bacon, fry eggs — the list goes on and on (and on). Oh — and it’s also safe for use with metal utensils.

7. Gourmet Steak Knife Set (4-Piece)

*Excluded from 40% offer

kitchen essentials-Wusthof-Kitchenware-HelloFresh

Slicing through that perfectly seared ribeye shouldn’t be a struggle, which is why we’re big fans of these top-quality steak knives from Wüsthof. They come equipped with laser-cut, high carbon stainless steel blades — but don’t worry, they won’t cramp your holiday table’s style.

8. Weekly Dry Erase Board

Plan out nightly dinners, holiday parties, gift swaps, and reminders with this nifty dry erase board proudly displayed on your fridge. So the next time someone asks “what’s for dinner?” just point and smile.

9. Nesting Glass Storage Containers

kitchen essentials-nesting-bowls-HelloFresh

If there’s one thing you can count on this holiday season, it’s leftovers. LOTS of leftovers. Thankfully, these planet-friendly and super durable glass containers are fridge, freezer, and oven friendly for all your storing, freezing, and re-heating needs. Plus, they stack inside each other for a perfectly organized cupboard.

10. Little Cooks Color-Me-In Apron Set

kitchen essentials-kids-apron-HelloFresh

Not only will this apron keep your little ones busy while you’re hustlin’ and bustlin’ through the holidays, but it’ll also protect them from spills and splatters. The two pockets are perfect for storing spoons, spatulas, and other kitchen gadgets, and the adjustable D-ring means it’ll fit snugly around their necks.

Remember to use code HFESSENTIALS at checkout for 40% off — you don’t want to miss this.

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