On The Menu Next Week: Emeril’s Herbed Dijon Chicken Breast June 5, 2017

by Eat
Next up on the list of celebrity-studded (RED) recipes is an Herbed Dijon Chicken Breast with Zucchini and Red Potatoes from none other than Emeril Lagasse himself. It’s quick and easy to prepare, packs in tons of fresh, fragrant flavors (hello, parsley and lemon), and is pretty much a shoo-in for dinner victory. 

Continue reading to discover all there is to love about this deliciously simple recipe, but first: help us raise money and awareness in support of (RED)’s fight against AIDS by selecting it off the menu today.

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Let’s talk spuds

Potatoes, taters, spuds… call ’em what you want. The important part is that they’re a no-fail, no-frills, never-goes-out-of-style side. Emeril takes a boil then sear approach by first submerging the halves in boiling water until they’re tender enough to be pierced by a fork, then searing them cut-side down with a tad bit of oil and garlic. The result of this genius two-pronged approach? Tender and soft on the inside, crispy on the outside.

All green everything

Of all the reasons we love zucchini, versatility is probably number one. Whether you steam it, grill it, sauté it, bake it, or even eat it raw, the vibrant green summer squash never disappoints. In this recipe, it’s added alongside our beloved potatoes for maximum flavor with minimal cleanup. Just sit back and listen to the two veggies sear in unison and sing their sizzling duet to lightly browned and tender perfection.

The other green element we love is the tarragon and parsley, two of our all-time favorite herbs. Tarragon lends a distinctive, slightly bittersweet flavor similar to that of anise while parsley is more peppery and fresh-flavored. Together, the two pair beautifully to amplify the flavor of the veggies and mustardy pan sauce.

The meat of the matter

Chicken gets a bad rap for being a bit, well, bland. But not if Emeril has any say. In this recipe, the lean breasts get seared for a quick four minutes per side before finishing up in the simmering sauce. Yet another two-pronged approach for the perfect balance of tender on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Gettin’ saucy

To add an extra pop of flavor, color, and elegance to the dish, Emeril created an herby pan sauce to spoon over the chicken (and obviously also onto the veggies). It comes together with the help of shallots, stock concentrate, lemon juice, mustard, the remaining herbs, and sour cream. Whoever said sauces were difficult to make from scratch has obviously never tasted this version.

Time to select this stunner off the menu to get the simple, step-by-step (RED) recipe along with all the ingredients delivered to your doorstep next week.

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