Frankenstein Marshmallow Sticks For Halloween! October 24, 2015

by Eat

Halloween is one week away! That means you should have your costume all planned out, but more importantly a huge bowl of sweet treats all prepared. You could settle for a few “fun size” (what’s fun about small chocolate?!) Snickers bars, bags of cheap candy corn, or even the healthier option of a box of raisins, but we’ve got an idea for your house that will make it the spookiest on the block!

Yes, homemade treats require some effort. But honestly, don’t you want to leave your mark this Halloween? We promise not only that these deliciously spooky Frankenstein marshmallow sticks are super simple to make, but they taste delicious too! Not participating in trick-or-treating this year? We bet that’s because you’re headed to a Halloween party, and you do NOT want to get caught arriving empty-handed.


So, here we go: Super Spooky Frankenstein Marshmallow sticks!  Amounts of ingredients depend on how many treats you want to make, but once you determine that number you will need:

  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • Skewers or mounting sticks of your choice
  • Candy eyes
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Green food coloring

All of these are easy to substitute if you have other ingredients lying around that you think fit better.  For example, skewers could be plastic straws, and candy eyes could be M&Ms!

To get started, place your marshmallows onto wooden sticks or skewers. Create your gooey green skin by adding some green food coloring to some white frosting of your choice.  we like vanilla buttercream! Take the marshmallow skewers and, one at a time, dip them in the frosting, spinning to coat.


Candy google eyes are a bonus here, but if you have trouble finding the right ingredients, you can use SO many alternatives for the eyes.  Try:

  • White & black icing in the thin tube- the tube will make it easier to add detail
  • White chocolate circle candies with a dot of black icing or mini chocolate chips as pupils (using frosting to adhere)
  • White smarties with a dot of black icing or mini chocolate chips as pupils (using frosting to adhere)

After you make the eyes, give Frankenstein his trademark neck bolts by breaking up pretzels and sticking them into his sides.  Don’t worry about hurting him, he’s an un-dead marshmallow so he’ll be fine.


Last step is the detailing.  This is totally up to you!  Use chocolate frosting or icing in a tube (for more control) to make hair and facial features like a scary mouth.


We promise you will be the hit of the party with these deliciously scary monster treats.  You can tell who your fans are by looking for green frosting all over their faces.

Happy Cooking!

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