Hot Potato! What’s In Your Potato? October 27, 2015

by Our Recipes

You know what vegetable doesn’t get a lot of attention?  Potato!  You can mash them, bake them, deep fry them, slice them, saute them…my goodness the list goes on and on.  And we know, unlike broccoli and other greens, or carrots and other root veggies, potatoes just don’t look  like they’re as good for you.  Brown and kind of colorless on the inside, they almost feel more like an indulgence than a healthy choice.


The good news?  They are healthy and a great addition to any diet.  Low fat, no cholesterol, but plenty of fiber, protein and vitamins.  We want to share some ways to jazz up your potato by adding tasty fillings.  But it’s okay- they are still healthy and more importantly, definitely not easy to resist.

First up?  Breakfast Potato.  I love how just adding an egg makes something breakfast.  If you have an egg with a slice of cake, BOOM- breakfast.  Although that would be weird.   Anyway, back to breakfast potato.  Three mouth-watering, basic ingredients for a healthy and filling start to your day.  Cheese, chives, and an egg baked right in.


The best part is, of course, when you dive right in and slice the juicy yolk so it spills on to the plate.   Dip the potato in the yolk as you eat for maximum flavor in every bite.  This might be a three-ingredient potato but it might also be a three-napkin potato…


Okay, we’re drooling.  Let’s move on to the Unexpected Greek Twist Potato.  Let’s view the setup here: Pomegranate (what?!), greek yogurt, sea salt, black pepper, feta cheese, parsley, some harissa (to bring up the heat), you name it!  Load that baby up because this is one to write home about.


It’s kind of like a salad potato, but more gourmet.  Our favorite part?  Look at those colors!  Nothing says healthy quite like bright ingredients.  The flavor explosion speaks for itself, of course.


And with Thanksgiving coming up, we could not leave out the Sweet Potato.  A fan favorite every other month of the year, we give this yummy yam special attention in November.   But why prep the traditional mashed version with marshmallows (although, YUM), when you could impress your guests (or host) with a decadent, seasonal, stuffed baked potato.  Tuna, dill, pepitas, sour cream, and a lemon wedge to sprinkle on top makes for a deliciously different side dish sure to leave people talking.


Like squash, potatoes become their own bowl, and the perfect vehicle for a variety of flavor combinations; the ultimate #LunchAlDesko if you ask us.  What are your favorite mix-ins for your potato?  Let us know in the comments!

Happy Cooking!

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