Get to Know Room For Tuesday’s Sarah Gibson June 21, 2016

by Behind the Scenes

Room for Tuesday is the type of lifestyle blog you can spend HOURS perusing. There’s just too much drool-worthy content to sift through! We’re talking travel tips, interior design inspiration, fashion advice, and loads of recipes that’ll make you go weak in the knees (extra dark chocolate ice cream, anyone?).


Needless to say, HelloFresh is a big fan. And guess what? The feeling is mutual! Sarah Gibson, founder and creative brains behind the operation, is a loyal HelloFresher. (We’re totally blushing right now.) So we decided to sit down and chat about all-things food.

Read on for a welcome dose of Tuesday inspiration. (Let’s be honest, though, we would make room for Sarah any day of the week.)

HF: Where do you draw inspiration from for your blog? 

“My blog contains 95% original content… meaning I style, shoot, curate, and draft each and every post. I try to keep things authentic, genuine and unique, but generating that much content definitely means I’m continually searching for inspiration. With a background in fine art, print design, and art history, I definitely look to magazines and printed publications frequently. I’m also inspired by travel, nature, and even food… sometimes I find inspiration in the places I least expect it.”


HF: Besides the dark chocolate cake (which looks AMAZING), what is the best thing you’ve ever cooked/baked for your blog readers?

“It’s so difficult to choose! I think my ALL-TIME favorite recipe is actually tied between two: strawberry buttermilk ice cream or classic chocolate mousse. Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth? I really enjoy baking, and my latest goal is to make different crepes every Saturday morning (so far I’m 3/3).” 

HF: Do you have any funny trial and error stories from your time in the kitchen? 

“Yes, plenty!! This one is probably the best… The first time I tried making French macarons, I totally nailed it. They turned out absolutely perfect (like they belonged in a food magazine)!! I couldn’t believe people made such a fuss about how difficult they are to make. Long story short- I thought I was a macaron master and volunteered to make them for a friend’s wedding shower. I failed miserably. After six (!) batches, I finally gave up and ordered them from a local bakery. They were either flat as pancakes, super puffy, or crumbled in my hand. Everyone at the shower raved about how amazing they were, but someone totally called me out because they recognized the bakery flavor. Whoops! I’ve only redeemed myself once since then.”


HF: As a styling expert, do you have any tips to help our readers make their food look as good as it tastes?

“Plating is one of my favorite parts of cooking and baking! Presentation really makes food taste better, in my opinion. I recommend using all white dishes- they act as a blank canvas for your food and make everything look delicious! Minimal dishes, glassware, and flatware allow the food to take the spotlight. I also try not to fuss over how things land on a plate when serving. It’s food after all… when it’s doing it’s own organic thing and isn’t too perfectly positioned, it usually looks natural and appealing. Sometimes I see images and think, ‘there is NO way the food is doing that on it’s own,’ like an enormous stack of something that refuses to tip over. I know all the food stylist secrets and there has to be something holding it up! In short, keep it natural”.

HF: How does food factor into your daily routine? 

“I’m a much better planner for food that is featured on the blog than what I’m actually having for dinner. With things becoming increasingly busy, I sort of leave it to my husband to select our HelloFresh meals. I really enjoy cooking as a family at the end of the day and being surprised by the meal selections! Other favorite aspects of dinner include trying new ingredients, learning culinary skills and techniques, and more importantly sharing a meal and catching up every night. That’s what I consider ‘me’ time or my happy place.”

Read more about Sarah’s experience with HelloFresh here!


HF: Is there anything else you feel our readers should know about you or your blog, Room for Tuesday?

“I’m one of those annoying people that has to semi-style, photograph and Snapchat my food before eating it. It seriously annoys my husband, but I just love documenting the fun things we eat (especially if it looks amazing)! Another interesting fact…before starting Room for Tuesday, I was the in-house designer and food photographer for a high-end chocolate company. I used to sample chocolate on a daily basis and attend food shows across the country. Unfortunately, it ruined most chocolate for me and I sort of consider myself to be a ‘chocolate snob’ now.” 

If all this talk about chocolate is getting you hungry, check out our Vegan Chocolate Pudding. Promise it’ll satisfy any sweet tooth.

Happy Cooking!

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