Hot Out of the Oven: Recipes Week of October 12th October 6, 2015

by Our Recipes

We’re knee-deep in autumn now, folks.  The cooler days are starting to be the norm and we are turning our closets over from sandals to boots and t-shirts to sweaters.  It’s not all bad news!  Finally, for the first time in months, we can turn our oven on to cook HelloFresh and have it be warm and refreshing rather than a burden.  How will we celebrate?  Hot out of the oven dishes, of course.  So preheat to 400 degrees and bust out those pans that go straight from stove top to the broiler.  Next week, we are cooking up meals that will warm you from the inside out.

Our Chicken Biryani is sure to spice up your life with exotic Indian flavors and unexpected ingredients like golden raisins.  After a flame-to-oven transfer, the thick skin becomes deliciously crisp and ready to delight.

oven chicken

And what better way to welcome the season than another innovative squash dish?  Curry-Roasted Acorn Squash has warmth and deep flavor written all over it- even the bright orange color screams festive fall.

oven squash

Out of five incredible options in the classic box, you can bring three to your table.  How will you choose?  When in doubt, you can always order two boxes…

Happy cooking!

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