Team Taste Test Series: Hot Sauce Edition August 29, 2015

by Eat

All work and no play makes HelloFresh dull! So this Thursday we put our computers down for a bit and integrated our passions for food and games into a team taste test. This will be the first of many in a series of taste tests and today’s spotlight is a fan favorite- HOT SAUCE.

Is hot sauce the only thing you’re brand loyal to? Do you add it to everything? Do you keep a mini supply in your pocket to bust out at restaurants? It turns out most of our team members would answer “yes” to all three of those questions.

Let’s meet the judges:

Fitz Photo   

   Name: Matt F.
   Fun Fact: When I was 23, I started a hummus company Cool Beans. My favorite flavor was Taco Chili, our spiciest hummus!

   Name: Donna
   Fun Fact: I love baking with excessive amounts of butter!



   Name: Gregory
   Fun Fact: I can only eat food that is medium to lukewarm in temperature.




   Name: James
   Fun Fact:
I’m deathly allergic to shellfish, but I don’t carry an Epi Pen #LivingLifeOnTheEdge

Alternate SmilingHR.jpg


   Name: Jordan
   Fun Fact: One time, I drank a coffee mug of liquefied butter for $30.

   Name: Matt M.
   Fun Fact: Olives are the one food that I don’t like, but wish I could like.




And let’s meet the Hot Sauce contestants!

Hot Sauce


The indisputable favorites in every American household, the race is mostly between these three contenders: Cholula, Tabasco, and Frank’s.  We put these brands to the test and got some interesting feedback from our judges.  We had each judge try them one at a time without knowing which was which.  After much deliberation, here are the key takeaways:


Hot Sauce

James:  “It’s sweet rather than spicy.  I could rinse my eyes with this, it’s not hot”

Donna:  It has a barbeque type-taste, not as much spice.”

Jordan:  “There’s a definite tang to it that sits on the pallet and resonates.”

Greg: “Mmm…mhmm…”


Hot Sauce

Matt F:  “I know this is Tobasco.  I hate Tobasco.  I like the secondary line of their flavors better.”

Donna:  “Tastes peppery, no?”

Matt M:  “Be original, Donna.”

James:  “Oh man!  Deceptively spicy.   It lingers…I would put this on eggs.”

Greg:  “That’s my favorite.  Oh yea…there’s the heat.”



Matt F:  “Oh I effing love it.  I look uncomfortable when I eat it but I can’t stop.”

Donna:  “It has a fruity taste, with veggie undertones…”

Matt M:  (dipping) “Here’s to being very sick later!”

Jordan:  “Evenly distributed low-grade heat.  I would baste my wings in this all day.”

James:  “I taste celery, is that weird?”

Ultimately, what we all agreed upon through further discussion, was that each one of these hot sauce flavors has their place.  Tobasco is meant for Mexican food and eggs, apparently.  Frank’s is the go-to for wings, and the most common to keep around the house.  Cholula has a milder taste more suited for the general public not ready for a true kick.

As a special bonus this week, one of our team members has generously shared his special simple & delicious Wing Sauce recipe.  This one is straight from the kitchen of a HelloFresher so you know it’s good!

Frank’s – 1 Cup
Butter 1 T
Chili Powder – 1 t
Garlic Powder – 1 t
Salt 1/2 t
Pepper 1/2 t
1.  Put the Frank’s in a large bowl.  In a pot or microwave, melt the butter and combine with the hot sauce.
2.  Add in the remaining ingredients and stir until fully mixed.
3.  Makes enough to coat ~15 wings.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Taste Test Series!  Keep an eye out for the next edition, were we explore the Pumpkin Spice Flavors of fall.

Happy Cooking!
































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