Labor Day Celebration September 3, 2015

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Are you as excited for the long weekend as we are?  Any holiday that is essentially dedicated to relaxing and food- how could you not be jumping for joy?  With so many invitations and so little time, HelloFresh has got you covered to ensure you have the best Labor Day ever.  Whether you’re hosting or attending, check out our tips below to make sure you leave a great impression.

Outdoor Table labor day

This weekend we’ll all be enjoying cookouts to celebrate Labor Day and lament over the summer season drawing to a close.  If you’re the one attending a party, don’t get caught empty-handed!  Here are some great gifts for the host that will help you stand out (and get invited back!):

  • FOOD- Of course! But, what are the dos and don’ts?  If possible, make it homemade.  Also, try reaching out beforehand to see if there’s anything the host is lacking (and panicking about) for the big day.  Lots of desserts but no picky appetizers?  Double a HelloFresh recipe and share!

Broccoli Lentil Salad

  • WINE-What’s better to pair with a piece of meat than a big, juicy red wine? We are fans of Primitivo! If you prefer to enjoy seafood, we suggest bubbles. We love Cava, which is Spain’s version of Champagne.

Labor Day Wine

  • FLOWERS-A bit non-traditional, but that’s what we’re all about!  Bring a gift specifically for your host to thank them – flowers are something they don’t have to share.  If you don’t know their favorite type, Dahlias are in season and definitely unique.

Maybe you’re hosting!  Is the stress of planning the perfect cookout causing you to lose your hair?  Have no fear, HelloFresh is here!  Check out these three basic rules for a fool-proof party:

  • COMMUNICATE- All the information about your party should be very clear, including what people should wear and bring! Do you have a pool?  Make sure your guests come prepared with suits and towels!  If people ask what they can bring to the party to contribute, make sure you’re obvious about what you need.  If you decide it’s adults only, make sure your guests know to leave the little ones with a sitter.
  • FOOD- Prep as much as possible beforehand. While grilling tends to be an ongoing activity at a Labor Day celebration, everything else should be cooked and ready to serve to reduce last-minute panic.  Empty chip bowl?  Keep a giant bag stowed away to fill in a flash.


  • SET PARAMETERS- You’re having a backyard cookout so you didn’t clean the second floor bedroom. When would you have had time, with all the cooking and prep?  Make sure you reiterate that the party is outside, and where the guest bathrooms are located inside.  It would stress out any host to know people are wandering around when they haven’t had time to tidy!  You spent all that time decorating the patio, make sure they’re on it.

Most importantly, have fun!  You worked hard and you deserve it.  Enjoy your Labor Day wherever you spend it.

Happy Cooking!

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