How To: Leek Prep April 16, 2016

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I’m going to try to avoid making too many “leek” puns but let me start by saying, I’m about to leek a secret: it is difficult to prep this veggie! Oh wow, that was horrible…I’m sorry. Let me make up for it by sharing a step by step guide (and pictures!) explaining how to properly prep leeks. Are we even?

Step 1:

Cut off green tops porree

Step 2:

Remove outer tough leaves

Lauch schneiden - so geht's

Step 3:

Cut in half lengthwise

HF160401-how_to_cut_leek_step3_ 1_HighRes

Step 4:

Fan out the leeks and rinse well by either running under the sink or soaking them in a bowl of water, leaving them intact

Lauch schneiden - so geht's

Step 5:

Slice according to your recipe instructions!

Lauch schneiden - so geht's

Picking the perfect leek and storing can also be tricky. When you’re at the grocery store, make sure to look for firm leeks with dark green leaves and bright, white bottoms. Avoid wilted, bruised, or yellowed leeks. Although you can get them year-round, they are more prominent fall through spring.

Don’t prep your leeks until you’re ready to cook them! Leave them unwashed and untouched in the fridge for up to two weeks if you’re not ready to use them. You can store them loosely in plastic so they retain moisture, or even freeze them for up to three months. Cooked leeks will only last for about two days! Insider tip- try wrapping them loosely in plastic so they better retain moisture.

HelloFresh has some amazing recipes utilizing this delicious and healthy ingredient in our archive.  Our Mushroom and Leek Tagliatelle had customers raving for weeks about the exciting flavor combinations of pasta and veggies.

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Happy Cooking!

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