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Enter For A Chance to Win One FREE Year Of HelloFresh!

Lifestyle November 30, 2018

Yes, you read that correctly. No, this is not a joke. One lucky winner will win 52(!!!) weeks of HelloFresh on us (and there are some other delicious prizes up for grabs, too). 

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Carolann Mancinelli M says:

No comment

Kristy says:

I try to cook but I dont know what I am doing. Bless my family for eating it!

Keycia Havard says:


Gladys Young says:

I saw it on Facebook i want to be healthy

Mary-Jean Martin says:

I would really be able to benefit from this and have wanted to try hello fresh for some time

Jorge L Ramos says:

Nice food for my family

Bonnie Dorsey says:

Love the Hello Fresh. Food is good, easy to make. Have used others but came back to Hello Fresh. They are easier to use. Customer Service is great. Answers all questions and is very helpful.

Judy Calvert says:

Ok, so, I’ve ordered a box already for December. Does that mean I am already entered?

Jordan Schultz says:

Absolutely, Judy! Each friend you refer or box you order in December counts as an automatic entry!

Dorothy Oliva says:

Will I be entered every time I place a food box order? If not how do I enter. I don’t see anything else.

Jordan Schultz says:

Yes you will, Dorothy! Each friend you refer or box you order in December counts as an automatic entry!

Hello fresh is so easy to fix and my family loves hello fresh this is my first order from them.

Sue says:

Is this automatic entry. I just came back to Hello Fresh and have two shipments coming in December. I also sent 3 friends referrals.

Thank you!

Jordan Schultz says:

Absolutely, Sue! Each friend you refer or box you order in December counts as an automatic entry!

Dawn says:

Love Hello Fresh! I have learned to cook with all new spices

Tammy Smart - Robert Jurek says:

If already active are you entered automatically? If not how do I enter?

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Tammy! Each friend you refer or box you order in December counts as an automatic entry!

Christopher Matias says:

I referred a friend how do I know if I am entered into this contest?

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Christopher! Each friend you refer in December counts as an automatic entry.

Judy says:

So, I am unclear about this. If you are a current customer and you have deliveries scheduled for December, is there anything you have to do? Or does this automatically enter you into the sweepstakes. If there is something else you need to do, exactly what is it? Do you have to fill out a form?

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Judy! No further action is required. Each box you order or friend you refer in December counts as an automatic entry!

Carolyn says:

LOVE Hello Fresh! Every meal has been absolutely delicious with the freshest ingredients I could wish for! Preparation is so easy. Love the flexibility to have vegetarian or meat choices. Every meal is perfectly matched with a side or salad. Using all fresh ingredients makes each meal so filling and satisfying. I feel like my cooking has improved so much with your instructions and cooking techniques. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love getting our box! It is fun and exciting to try the different meals. We the wide variety of entree’s. My Husband and I enjoy picking out meal to cook together.

Michele Oakland says:

I’m trying to sign up for the free meals😀
I’m already getting a meal the first week of December. Does that count??

Jordan Schultz says:

Yes it does, Michele! Each box you order or friend you refer in December counts as one entry!

Sally says:

Hello Fresh makes turns busy days into easy nights!

Michael Morgan says:

Hope I win

Lethia Brookshire says:

Love hello fresh

Traci Spiekerman Young says:

So I’m automatically entered when I get my HelloFresh boxes? Do I have to follow up on anything

Jordan Schultz says:

Abso-fruitly! Each box you order or friend you refer in December counts as one entry!

Jessica says:

Love that everything is so fresh an helps me stay on track with my diet.

Angela says:

This is a very exciting opportunity!! Thank you Hello Fresh for your generosity. I have become a better cook and mom because of your meal kits. Myself and my family have tried new things and have found we love them. You have saved me time whic gives me more time to spend with my loved ones. Thank you.

Lenora says:

I need to cancel my order

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Lorena! You can cancel your order in your account page, with 5 days notice from your delivery day. Let us know if you need help.

claudia says:

how do we enter sweepstakes? I logged in and there’s nothing related to that; clicked email received and Nada!

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Claudia! Each box you order or friend you refer in December counts as one automatic entry!

Carol Hondlik says:

Hello Fresh provides great meals with high-quality product/produce. I love the instruction guide and the variety of choices

I referred three friends hope they like it I enjoyed it quite well

Joan walker says:

You say no purchase necessary but to enter you have to buy a box, get someone else to buy a box and buy a holiday box in order to enter. So 3 purchases are required to enter. I don’t understand.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Joan! Please see the official rules for an alternate entry method, which does not require purchase.

Joyce says:

We love Hello fresh it is always amazing. I have been married for 23 years and never cooked until I got hello fresh and my husband has never been happier.

Cara Pomeroy says:


Melody Parsons says:

Love Hello fresh!! We have been using them since February been getting weekly boxes..I think I would be lost without my Monday deliveries.. they make dinners go from blah, to fab in a matter of minutes! Great, quick healthy meals that are easy for me to prepare for myself and my daughter then when my hubby comes in off the road I can easily adjust my menu and box to fit my needs! Can’t get any better then that!! 😊

Luana Nair says:

You meals are so yummy & easy to cook!!
I’m learning how to be a better cook!!!

Lisa says:

If I already have deliveries scheduled for December do I have to anything else to enter, or am I automatically entered?

Jordan Schultz says:

No further action required! Each delivery in December is one entry!

Barbara Deutsch says:

Delicious food!

Jordan Schultz says:

Why thank you!

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Ella Greene says:

So pricing is per serving, or per meal? This would cost what?

Classic Box- 3 Recipes
– For Two People: $69/week

(This would be three complete meals, delivered in ONE box, ONE delivery? And would cost $69?)
Are the servings ample?

Just trying to be sure I can afford, before joining.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Ella! That box contains three recipes for 2 people (for a total of six servings) each week. All of our servings are nutritionally assessed, and our customers tell us that the portions are very filling!

Marylyn Thornton says:

Do you have a telephone contact number

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Marlynn! Yes, you can get in touch at 1-800-733-2414!

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Pamela Davis says:

I sent a message that I did NOT want to subscribe to hello,fresh. I was not impressed with the menu choices and can shop at Publix easier and less expensive than Hello Fresh. Repeat…i do NOT WISH TO SBSCRIBE YO HEKKO,FRESH.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Pamela– If you have placed an order with us, you’ll be automatically subscribed. You’ll need to unsubscribe in your account page or shoot us an email at

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Karen Howard says:

Hellofresh my package came today at 12:45 everything was completely thawed the boxes were wet the bags were wet and the ice was all melted can I get this replaced

Jacqueline Parisi says:

We’re so sorry to hear that, Karen! Definitely not up to our standards. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team at 646-846-FOOD (3663). They’d be happy to sort this out for you.

Jessica says:

Even the dinners that I was sure I’d ruined have still tasted great! HelloFresh has taught me a lot of new skills in the kitchen. Before, the extent of my cooking was boil pasta and add sauce haha!

Jacqueline Parisi says:

That’s what we love to hear, Jessica! So happy you’re a part of the HelloFresh family.

Arvella Franks says:

I have not received an email allowing me to select next week’s menu. The same thing happened last week and when I contacted you about it was told the deadline had passed.

Please be informed I wish to skip receiving meals until I receive the opportunity of choice in menu.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Linda– Jordan here, the head of our community team. Sorry about that! Please chat with us at in the bottom right corner. We can look into the email issue and help you out with your account.

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Out-of-The-Box Ideas For Recycling Your HelloFresh Packaging

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Lisa says:

I am curious as to whether I can use the filling of the frozen bag in with some of my planters to help keep the soil moist and reduce the amount of times I need to water my plants.

SARAH says:

Could the cotton insulation be safely repurposed for sleeping bag filler?

Jordan Schultz says:

Good question– One which we’d have to check with our supplier about.

Michael says:

Why can your bags and cotton insulation simply be sanitized and reused by you? When next weeks shipment comes in, the carrier picks up last weeks box, and you can simply reuse it. This saves on industrial energy use to mfg the carton, the cold packs and the cotton insulation. Though it would mean you would want some kind of simple wash system for the plastic liners in the event that something previously leaked. I haven’t seen any leakage from any of your shipments yet, but I’m sure it’s happened. If the carrier sees signs of damage to last weeks delivery, they can simply leave it and the customer can recycle it as described.

ANNE says:

LOVE this idea! My friend and I were just discussing this very same idea this past werkend!

Jordan Schultz says:

Isn’t it great? What’s your favorite?

David says:

I plan on lining my garage attic with the insulation. I will get back to everyone if I notice a difference 😉

Jordan Schultz says:

Keep us posted! We’re excited to hear the results!

Pip says:

Is the Summer liner recycled cotton filler safe from irritants? It would be great if they could be donated to animal rescue for bedding.

Jamie says:

Can the cotton lineing be used as stuffing for sewing projects? Stuffed animals, blankets, pet beds?

Jordan Schultz says:

We don’t see why not! In fact, it sounds like a great idea. Let us know if you create anything with it.

Sophia says:

Hi there! I love that most of your shipping products are recyclable. I was wondering if you would be able to provide more information on the website in regards to the cotton/plant based insulation used. Is is or isn’t it compostable, and maybe provide links or helpful keywords like “organic composting” to help people find out where they can compost in their neighborhoods. Also have they considered a program where customers could send back “empty” boxes with freezer packs and insulation to be reused?

Monica says:

Just received my first Hello Fresh box, the food looks great but was shocked at how much waste there is in the packaging. Obviously the cardboard and plastic bags are easy enough but the large gel packs and cotton batting are appear to be trash. I would love to see a response to the previous poster, Sophia, who asked about returning these items for re-use. Not sure if I will continue with shipments if there is this much waste in the packaging.

Jordan Schultz says:

Hi Monica! At the moment, we don’t have any way for you to return your packaging to us. The ice pack is made with a gentle salt-based refrigerant. You can dump this in the trash once melted and recycle the plastic.

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1 comment

Sy Ro says:

What an awesome program. Thanks for keeping us updated! Do you ever have any leftover boxes from last-minute cancellations or other snafus?

Do you donate those food items too?

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Leslie O. says:

These look wonderful! I’ll have to try some of these combinations soon. I always suspected that throwing away citrus peels was a bad idea…

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