On The Menu Next Week: Moo Shu Pork Tacos with Stir-Fried Veggies and Hoisin Mayo March 27, 2017

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Our chefs taco-ified traditional Chinese moo shu by using warm flour tortillas to swaddle the pork and veggie stir-fry. And science shows that after you read what they have to say about it, there’s a 99.87% chance you’ll select it off the menu. Don’t fight science, people.

moo shu pork-HelloFresh

Can you describe the process of developing the recipe? What was your inspiration?

Chef Jessica: Asian-style tacos are really popular in the food truck scene right now. And I’m always looking for new, fun fillings for tacos. Traditional Chinese moo shu is served with small, rice-flour pancakes, so I got the idea to do moo shu-like tacos from that, where the tortillas mimic the pancakes. Traditionally it’s made with shredded meat, shredded vegetables, and a tangy sauce like hoisin or plum sauce. It’s a great way to have your meat and vegetables all in one.

What makes for a good taco? Are there certain flavors, ingredient combinations, or textures you always look for?

Chef Jessica: Tacos are definitely all about the balance of textures AND flavors—savory, creamy, crunchy, soft. The tortillas are soft, the radishes crunchy, and the sauce creamy.  

What specific spices are in the moo shu spice blend? Why do you like cooking with this particular blend?

Chef Jessica: Moo shu spice is just ground ginger and garlic powder. You get the warmth of ginger and depth of garlic without having to peel and mince them. Saves a little prep time!

What are your tips for cleaning mushrooms? Is it true that they shouldn’t be completely submerged in water?

Chef Nate: There’s a good amount of debate about washing vs not washing mushrooms, but I don’t usually submerge them in water. If they are particularly dirty I’ll give them a quick rinse, then wipe them off with a paper towel to remove any excess dirt. If they look clean I’ll just give them a quick wipe with a damp paper towel to remove any excess dirt.

moo shu pork-HelloFresh

What can home cooks expect to learn from making this recipe? Why should they be excited to cook it?

Chef Nate: I think this recipe helps customers demystify a Chinese food standard. Any time I recreate a meal that I have eaten in a restaurant I feel a swell of accomplishment.

A lot of HelloFresh recipes feature scallions. What do you like about cooking with them? What is the main difference between scallions and onions?

Chef Nate: Scallions and onions are both members of the allium family so they share a lot of the same nutritional and flavor traits. Scallions are more mellow than onions (they never make you cry) and much easier to work with. They also offer a nice color contrast with their green, herbaceous tops.

moo shu pork-HelloFresh

What are the nutritional benefits of this recipe?

Rebecca, RDI love the addition of mushrooms in this dish. They are a savory flavor enhancer and a natural source of glutamic acid, better known as umami. As a bonus, they also add nutritional value by being a good source of protein, B vitamins, zinc, and copper in addition to providing immune support. To maximize their flavor potential, be sure not to overcook.

Sarah, RD: I love the pop of color in this recipe from the vegetables. The purple cabbage, radishes, and scallions are great ways to get variety in your diet and help you eat the rainbow. Outside of this recipe, I think radishes are an awesome veggie to munch on because they pack tons of flavor and a spicy kick with fiber and Vitamin C.

You don’t want to miss this moo shu pork extravaganza, so select it from the menu today!

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