On The Menu Next Week: Pan-Seared Chicken with Herbs de Provence March 20, 2017

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Trademark French seasonings meet classic Italian ingredients for a border-hopping recipe you don’t want to miss. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what chef Nate has to say, select it from the menu today, and taste what the hype is all about. 

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Can you describe the process of developing the recipe? What was your inspiration?

Chef Nate: The inspiration for this recipe was actually a trip to Provence, France! I fell in love with the herbs de Provence blend because it pairs so well with chicken and many lighter dishes and flavors.

What is in herbs de Provence? What foods does it pair well with? What do you like about cooking with it?

Chef Nate: Our blend uses savory, thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon, and lavender flowers — but keep in mind that different blends have different herb and spice ratios. I like how light and floral it is and also the fact that it includes savory and lavender, which are less common ingredients. Herbs de Provence is a pretty versatile spice that pairs well with many proteins and veggies, but I like it best on grilled chicken or roasted butternut squash.

When a lot of people think chicken, they think boring. What are your tips for jazzing up plain pan-seared chicken breast?

Chef Nate: Make sure you season generously with salt and pepper. Another good general tip is to let your meat come up to room temperature before cooking. That way it will cook more evenly all the way through. You must also let it rest for at least 3-5 minutes after cooking depending on the cut/size of the meat to allow its natural juices time to redistribute.

I also recommend spice blends – Southwest, adobo, BBQ, herbs de Provence, whatever! Season generously before cooking.

Can you tell us more about farro? What’s the secret to cooking it perfectly?

Chef Nate: Farro is a wonderful grain that doesn’t make it onto enough menus. It lends great nutty, hearty, and earthy flavors to this otherwise light recipe. Like many grains, it’s best when cooked at a simmer until it absorbs all the liquid and achieves a perfect al dente texture. 

pan-seared chicken-farro-herbs-de-provence-HelloFresh

What can home cooks expect to learn from making this recipe? Why should they be excited to cook it?

Chef Nate: This is a great recipe for home cooks to practice or learn how to butterfly chicken, which is a great way to cut down on cook time while allowing the seasonings to coat a larger surface area for increased flavor.

What are the nutritional benefits of this recipe?

Rebecca, RDFarro is a whole grain, which means it retains all the beneficial vitamins and minerals normally stripped out of refined grains like white rice. It’s a good source of B vitamins, zinc, iron, and protein (7 grams in just 1/4 cup uncooked). This high fiber grain also helps with weight management by keeping you full and satisfied. 

Sarah, RD: Building flavor with delicious and unique spices like the lavender and tarragon in herbs de Provence is a great way to dress up a dish without adding salt.

Don’t miss the chance to cook up this crowd-pleaser for yourself! Select it today.

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