The Hawaiian Poke Bowl Recipe We Can’t Get Enough Of (+a chance to win BIG!) July 26, 2018

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We’re gearing up for a month-long trip around the world with step-by-step recipes tagged GLOBAL EATS that’ll take you culture-by-culture, week-by-week. First stop, Hawaii. Continue reading to get a sneak peek into our reimagined riff on a traditional poke bowl recipe, with the chance to win big* with SECRET FOOD TOURS while you’re at it. 

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What exactly is poke?

Poke, pronounced poh-kay, is an iconic dish in the Aloha State. Traditionally, it comes in a bowl format with a base of sticky white rice piled high with diced raw fish (typically firmer cuts, like tuna) and piles of crunchy toppings — all of which are slicked in a soy sauce (or as they say in Hawaii, shoyu)-based dressing. Sometimes, lime makes an appearance. More often than not, a shower of scallion greens.

Some would venture to say it’s deconstructed sushi, and we’re inclined to agree considering how closely related Hawaiian and Asian cuisines are.

What makes this poke recipe so unique?

In true HelloFresh fusion style, our chefs opted to put their own spin on the classic by swapping out fish for chicken (cooked, of course) and adding a touch of tropical flavor by way of pineapple and coconut. But don’t worry, the tried-and-true ingredients you’d expect still make an appearance, including:

  • Ginger: peppery and slightly sweet in a “little goes a long way”- sort of fashion
  • Scallions: sweeter yet milder in flavor than your traditional onion
  • Soy sauce: dark, salty sauce made with fermented, boiled soybeans and roasted wheat or barley
  • Jasmine rice: an aromatic, long-grain rice that’s fragrant and slightly floral — the perfect blank canvas for all the flavors nestled on top
  • Thai chili: a thin, red, pointed pepper that carries a kick of fiery heat and is a close cousin to the cayenne chili
  • Lime: a touch of tartness to reign in the sticky-sweet pineapple and sugar
  • Shredded carrots: for the requisite crunchy component

Take a peek at the recipe here, watch it all come to life below, and don’t forget to select it off the menu, too.

And wait — what’s the deal with this prize?

Each time you order one of our four deliciously diverse meals tagged GLOBAL EATS off the menu, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a FREE TRIP TO ASIA* courtesy of our friends at SECRET FOOD TOURS.

But that’s not all.

If you find a golden ticket hiding in your GLOBAL EATS kit bag, you’ll instantly win a delicious tour for two (also with SECRET FOOD TOURS) in one of 28 cities… your choice!*

Want to learn more about these amazingly delicious prizes? We’ve got all the deets right here.

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Because c’mon… how amazing do these photos from past tours look?!

Secret Food Tours-HelloFresh-Global Eats

HelloFresh-Global Eats-Secret Food Tours

After we make a quick pit-stop in Hawaii, we’ll be heading to Vietnam with this Bánh Mì Burger, Morocco with this Apricot and Chicken Sausage Tagine, and Argentina with a Chimichurri Steak (we’re still workin’ on that one, but stay tuned).

Just think of these step-by-step recipes as practice for when maybe, just maybe, you’ll be walking (and eating) your way through the country — and perhaps even the world!

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