The Man Behind Our Cauliflower Power October 13, 2016

by Behind the Scenes

We traveled to the “Salad Bowl of the World” to meet the man behind our cauliflower. Bob Thorp, a second generation farmer at Grower’s Express, takes us on a special tour of the farm he calls home.


We’ve been preaching about the overlooked awesomeness that is cauliflower for quite some time now. From the substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals to the cooking versatility they provide, cauliflowers have been keeping us busy in the kitchen.

When we witnessed first-hand the amount of labor and time that Bob Thorp and his farmers at Grower’s Express undergo to harvest this one crop, we knew the cauliflower story wasn’t over. In our second installment of Fresh From The Source we get to the bottom of what drives Bob to cultivate the whitest and creamiest cauliflowers we’ve seen.

It’s no surprise that Bob Thorp comes from a family of farmers and has been working in the fields since he was a child. Call us sentimental, but his stories about the heritage of the land where our cauliflowers are grown makes them taste that much better.

Even though we’ve dubbed Bob Thorp the “cauliflower king,” if he could be any vegetable he chooses lettuce. In such a crazy and hectic world, he prefers to stick to the basics and keep things simple. Judging from the quality of produce he and the team at Grower’s Express have been delivering since 1987, who are we to question that.


If you enjoyed meeting this Bob, you won’t want to miss our visit with the one and only Avocado Bob.

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