20 Thoughts Everyone Has Before Labor Day Weekend August 17, 2018

by Lifestyle

You may be experiencing a million feelings heading into Labor Day weekend, like how on earth did September creep up so quickly?! But rest assured, we’re all thinking the same things, which is why we’re even throwing in a discount for Wine Club so you can sip away all those end-of-summer scaries.

HelloFresh-Labor Day Weekend 2018

1. How is summer over already?

2. Wait…technically summer still goes on for a few more weeks.

3. But no more Summer Fridays!

4. How did I ever work a full day on Fridays?!

5. I hope it stays warm for the rest of the month.

6. But I’m so ready for this humidity to be over.

7. I can’t wait until fall and perfect weather every day.

8. Oh! Oh! Oh! And pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING. NEED. ASAP.

9. How many BBQ’s did I RSVP “yes” to for Labor Day weekend?

10. I’m so over BBQ food.

11. Falling leaves, where are you???

12. Actually, what am I saying, I’m really going to miss BBQ food when summer ends.

13. If I bring wine, do I have to bring enough for everyone?

14. Can’t I just bring a bottle for myself?

15. I could really go for some watermelon.

16. UGHHHHHH! Watermelon season is ending, too.

17. I need a glass of wine.

18. I love wine.

19. As long as there’s wine after Labor Day, I’ll be fine.

20. And watermelon. Please don’t leave me.

The end of summer may be near, but there’s still a ton of fun to be had. And with 50% off Wine Club, you can keep the fun flowing year-round (use code FINESTSUMMERWINE at checkout). 

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