4 Fun (and Printable!) Cooking Crossword Puzzles September 2, 2017

by Family Friendly

Test your slicing, dicing, searing, and seasoning knowledge with these four cooking crosswords. Each one is downloadable, which means you can easily print and tackle one-by-one. And if you’re stuck, all the answers are here, too! 

First Food Crossword

crossword puzzles printable-HelloFresh


1. If it’s not a corn tortilla, it’s FLOUR.

2. When you AERATE wine, you let air hit it — to learn more about this (and HelloFresh’s very only Wine Club, click here).

3. The KIWI is a fruit that’s emerald green on the inside and fuzzy on the outside. Cook with it to make salsa, guac, or even popsicles.

Kiwi-Recipes-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

4. FATTOUSH is a Middle Eastern version of the Italian panzanella. Taste it for yourself by whipping up this Fattoush Salad with Crispy Chickpeas, Za’atar-Spiced Pita, and Feta Cheese.

5. HUSK is the name of corn on the cob’s jacket.

8. Tomato + mozzarella + basil = CAPRESE. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Check out these three spins on the classic caprese salad recipe to use up the last of your summer tomatoes.


2. ADOBO is a smoky sauce that comes in the can of chipotle peppers.

6. MARINATING is a technique where you soak vegetables or meat in a sauce to enrich their flavors before cooking.

7. BOK CHOY is also known as Chinese white cabbage.

9. SALMON is a fish that makes us (o)mega happy.

Second Food Crossword

crossword puzzles printable-HelloFresh


2. Chimichurri is to ARGENTINA what ketchup is to the United States, and we’ve got the easiest recipe ever.

3. The KEY LIME is associated with a famous dessert hailing from the Florida Keys (Key Lime Pie).

Reasons-We-Love-Limes-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

4. MOLE is a reddish-brown Mexican sauce with onions, garlic, chiles, ground seeds, and chocolate.

5. TAHINI is what sesame seeds and hummus have in common. You can even use it to make smoothies! 

hummus-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

7. COUSCOUS is a light and fluffy pasta-like staple of North African cuisine.


1. PLANTAIN is the name of banana’s bigger, thicker skinned, starchier cousin.

6. NICE CREAM is dairy-less, banana-loaded ice cream.

nice-cream-recipes-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

8. The ancient Incas began cultivating protein-packed QUINOA 5,000 years ago. For a complete guide to cooking this gluten-free powerhouse, click here.

gluten-free-grains-quinoa-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

9. Popeye’s favorite leafy green is SPINACH.

10. ARUGULA is a peppery green sometimes called “rocket” because of its speedy, rocket-like growth. Learn more about it’s nutritional properties here.

Third Food Crossword

crossword puzzles printable-HelloFresh


1. PORTOBELLO is a plant-based burger patty that rhymes with mellow, and it makes a star appearance in these Mega Mushroom Burgers with Avocado, Caramelized Onion, and Spicy Mayo.

3. COLLARD GREENS is the cabbage-like vegetable that Southerners eat with black eyed peas on New Year’s Eve. Learn more about holiday flavors across the country here.

holiday-foods-raleigh-collard-greens-black-eyed-peas-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

5. DUKKAH is an Egyptian blend of crushed nuts, spices, and seeds in recipes like this Dukkah-Crusted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Sugar Snap Peas.


2. ASPARAGUS is a long and slender veggie that causes urine to smell, ahem, interesting. Learn why here.

asparagus-goat-cheese-tart-recipe-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

4. OATS can be steel-cut, rolled, or quick cooking. But that’s not all: they can also be soaked in milk for easy, fuss-free overnight oats.

6. HOLLANDAISE is one of the five mother sauces and an eggs Benedict must-have.

7. When scissors live in the kitchen, they’re known as SHEARS.

8. AVOCADO is the creamy green fruit that everyone mistakes for a vegetable.

-avocado-rose-toast-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

9. EGGPLANT is the teardrop-shaped vegetable known as aubergine in Britain and France. Discover five easy ways to cook it here.

10. Cool as a CUCUMBER.

Fourth Food Crossword

crossword puzzles printable-HelloFresh


2. The APPLE doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

apples-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

3. The word STRAWBERRY is a combination of straw (the thin hollow tube of plastic for drinking) and berry.

4. MATCHA is green (the color after yellow in the rainbow) + tea, but in powder form. To give your dessert recipes a superfood boost, add it to hot chocolate or cake.

6. If eggs aren’t scrambled, poached, or friend, they’re most likely BOILED. Figure out once and for all how to make the perfect boiled egg here.

7. The PEACH is a stone fruit with a fuzzy, pinkish-white skin and sweet flesh.

stone-fruits-recipes-HelloFresh-peaches-crossword puzzles printable


1. Bolognese is the dish, RAGU is the sauce. And you definitely need it in your life ASAP.

5. Don’t wear white while cooking a BEET, the deep-red root vegetable that stains easily.

how-to-cook-beets-recipes-HelloFresh-crossword puzzles printable

8. A COLANDER is a kitchen tool used to strain pasta.

9. JELLY is also known as preserves and best friends with peanut butter.

10. You’re one smart COOKIE.

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