Indian Cooking: 18 Essentials March 23, 2016

by Eat

Time and time again, we try to capture authentic ethnic flavors and pass the recipes along to you. Every month, HelloFresh features between 10-12 different types of cultural cuisines and 20-30 different herbs and spices. We take your taste buds on a weekly trip around the world so you can travel without ever leaving your kitchen! And today, we’re talking all about Indian food.


Do you have a local Indian place you cannot walk by without breathing in the culture and intoxicating curry smell? We want to help you recreate those traditional flavors at home, whether it’s in our box or not. Check out this super handy chart for your 18 essential ingredients that make up a delicious Indian meal.


Mix and match, combine and sprinkle, and flavor your next boring chicken meal into a cultural masterpiece. Not confident you can handle your intro to ethnic cooking on your own? Check out some of HelloFresh’s most-loved Indian recipes in our archive.


These Indian Stuffed Peppers with Garam Masala-Spiced Chickpeas, Peas & Carrots last year had customers booking flights to see the Taj Mahal. Something this delicious from HelloFresh and you never have to leave your kitchen!

Can you guess which featured ingredient is number one on our list of brain foods everyone should be eating?

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Suzanne says:

I can only eat gluten-free. If I sign on, will I be able to get only gluten-free meal selections?

Jordan Schultz says:

While we don’t offer a Gluten Free plan, we do try to include 2-3 Gluten Free meals per week. All of GF recipes are clearly marked as such, and you’ll have access to this information as well as the full recipe itself even before checkout. Otherwise, substituting and omitting is super easy, as everything is packaged and labeled separately. You’ll also see a full ingredients list and nutritional breakdown for each recipe on our website before you choose your meals.

If you have further questions about how HelloFresh can work for your dietary needs, please feel free to reach out to our Dietitian/Nutritionist at!

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