Happy Spring & Happy Easter! March 21, 2016

by Our Recipes

If you’re in certain parts of the country, than you know that spring was celebrated yesterday with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. While the trees may look beautiful, we were truly looking forward to some budding trees and flowers this week to welcome the new season!


The good news is, the temperatures are on the rise and the sun is shining for more hours of the day. Happy spring! With the holiday on Sunday, HelloFresh is excited to cook up some delicious brunch and relax with family and friends.

Why make traditional eggs when you can make Shakshouka? An ethnic blend of flavors, this one-pot meal is made up of eggs poached in tomato sauce with a spicy kick. YUM! Try this delicious recipe for a memorable Easter brunch experience.


This year, we’re mixing up the traditions a little bit and letting the Easter Bunny take a much needed vacation. Instead, we want to introduce…(drum roll)… the Easter Llama! The Llama is just like the Bunny except…he’s a hunter. During the age-old tradition of the Egg Hunt, the Easter Llama puts on his thinking cap and game face and prepares to collect more treasure than anyone else. When there’s chocolate and candy involved, who doesn’t want to be the Easter Llama? What kind of egg hunter are you? Take our super silly Egg Hunter quiz to find out how you measure up to friends when it comes to collecting treats. Let us know what results you got and how accurate they are in our comment section!


Happy Spring, Happy Easter, & Happy Cooking!

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