The Awards- HelloFresh Style February 26, 2016

by Our Recipes

We absolutely LOVE awards season, and the biggest show of them all is coming up Sunday night! Join HelloFresh in celebrating the Awards in style – complete with fancy cocktails, decked out veggies dressed as superstars, and even your very own ballot for the show!

And the winner for best Awards Party Cocktail is…


Oscars-Cocktail-Ballot - 3

And in honor of the biggest awards show of the year, I was asked to star in my very first movie introducing this delicious cocktail and walking all of you through the steps! Check it out:


And the winner for best party game is…

YOU! Hosting an Awards Party this weekend? Print out these fun ballots and hand them out to your guests. Have everyone fill them out with their predictions (or just their favorites!) and see who gets the most correct! Want to sweeten the deal? Have everyone chip in a few dollars and let the winner take all.


And the winner for best dressed is…

Help us decide! We have a few amazing stars in the running for this year’s title.  Our HelloFresh paparazzi are pumped for the annual “who wore it best” shots. Check them out below and let us know your pick for best dressed this Awards season in the comment section!

4-Rootey-Mara-HighRes Final

Rootey Mara is modeling this year’s classic ruched onion top and bright cabbage-red full skirt by famed designer Lettuce & Gabbana. Her diamond-encrusted headpiece is over 100 carrots of rare gems!

3-Meggplant-Ryan_HighRes Final

Meggplant Ryan took a bold risk this year with a majestic emerald gown by Mikale Kors- and we all agree it paid off! Her beautifully detailed carrot belt brings the whole meal together. Whoops…I mean… dress.

2-Zucchinifer-Lawrence-HighRes Final

Zucchinifer Lawrence, favored to win Best Vegetable in a Full Size Salad this year, strolls with grace down the red carpet in a Marc Jacabbage figure-hugging purple dress. Flawlessly flaunting her matching headpiece, we all know who is stealing the show!

2-Carrot-Washington-HighRes Final

Carrot Washington never disappoints! Setting herself apart from the rest as usual, her sweetheart dress by Alexander McOnion is hitting all the marks. With a simple high pony to tie everything together, we truly must admire her poise and class.

Happy Awards Season & Happy Cooking!

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