Breakfast with Jamie Oliver May 23, 2016

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In honor of Food Revolution Day on Friday, May 20th, we posted about how important this cause is, and what it means to us. Jamie Oliver and HelloFresh strive to make sure we’re changing the way people eat for the better, all across the country.


To celebrate, we had an amazing team breakfast here at the HelloFresh office, dedicated to the idea that eating better every day starts right here with us. Our Registered Dietitian, Rebecca Lewis, led the morning by giving us the low-down on what people eat for breakfast, and how it affects their bodies. Put down the donut, that’s not the way to start your day! Your body will digest carbs very quickly, signaling to your brain that you’re hungry again not long after you eat. The sugar will cause a mid-morning crash that is not good for productivity at school or the office!


Food Revolution Jamie Oliver Breakfast Recipe

Inspired by Jamie Oliver and his delicious muesli recipe, we set a create-your-own breakfast bar with yogurt, nuts, oatmeal, and fresh fruit. Rebecca always encourages us to eat the rainbow, so this was a very colorful spread!


Food Revolution (14 of 22)

Food Revolution (19 of 22)

We already love spending time together and eating healthy, but focusing on Food Revolution Day made this breakfast extra special. The Food Revolution is all about encouraging people to cook at home more because it is the easiest way to eat healthier. Cooking at home helps you be sure of exactly what you’re putting into your body, and puts you in control of the quality of your food. HelloFresh proudly supports this cause, and is here to help! Find out how you can join Jamie’s Food Revolution here.

Food Revolution (21 of 22)

Food Revolution (22 of 22)

Make everyday Food Revolution Day in your home!

Happy Cooking!

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