Breakfast with Jamie Oliver May 23, 2016

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In honor of Food Revolution Day on Friday, May 20th, we posted about how important this cause is, and what it means to us. Jamie Oliver and HelloFresh strive to make sure we’re changing the way people eat for the better, all across the country.


To celebrate, we had an amazing team breakfast here at the HelloFresh office, dedicated to the idea that eating better every day starts right here with us. Our Registered Dietitian, Rebecca Lewis, led the morning by giving us the low-down on what people eat for breakfast, and how it affects their bodies. Put down the donut, that’s not the way to start your day! Your body will digest carbs very quickly, signaling to your brain that you’re hungry again not long after you eat. The sugar will cause a mid-morning crash that is not good for productivity at school or the office!


Food Revolution Jamie Oliver Breakfast Recipe

Inspired by Jamie Oliver and his delicious muesli recipe, we set a create-your-own breakfast bar with yogurt, nuts, oatmeal, and fresh fruit. Rebecca always encourages us to eat the rainbow, so this was a very colorful spread!


Food Revolution (14 of 22)

Food Revolution (19 of 22)

We already love spending time together and eating healthy, but focusing on Food Revolution Day made this breakfast extra special. The Food Revolution is all about encouraging people to cook at home more because it is the easiest way to eat healthier. Cooking at home helps you be sure of exactly what you’re putting into your body, and puts you in control of the quality of your food. HelloFresh proudly supports this cause, and is here to help! Find out how you can join Jamie’s Food Revolution here.

Food Revolution (21 of 22)

Food Revolution (22 of 22)

Make everyday Food Revolution Day in your home!

Happy Cooking!

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karen says:

Could Rebecca explain how long it takes for sugars to be digested and ready to supply energy? Also how long it takes more complex carbs, like whole wheat bagels or bananas to supply energy? How about fats and proteins?
Thanks – never sure if the fruit right before the quick run is doing anything, or if I can wait until afterward.

Genna says:

Hi Karen! Thanks for reaching out. Rebecca says,

There is a difference between the types of carbs found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains when compared to carbs coming from heavily processed and refined foods and grains (typically what makes up the majority of foods that come in a box or a bag).

Carbs that come from fruits, veggies & whole grains are nutrient dense – meaning that in addition to the carbs they contain, they also are filled with vital vitamins and minerals our body and brains need for max functioning. They are also carbs that are embedded into a matrix of fiber. Therefore, the carbs take longer to digest – which keeps our stomachs full longer and hunger cravings at bay.

Carbs that come from heavily refined foods have been stripped of the fiber, vitamins & minerals (which is why they are often “enriched” – meaning the vitamins have been added back in towards the end of production). With no fiber to slow down the digestion and absorption of the carbs – they are instead quickly digested and quickly absorbed into our bloodstream. This then causes a spike in our blood sugar and our pancreas to have to quickly release a larger than normal load of insulin to pull all that sugar out of our blood (sugar in the blood is toxic to our bodies).

Proteins and Fats have additional digestive requirements which make their digestion and absorption a longer process.

Bottom line, when it comes to what to eat I generally follow these rules:
Eat from the Earth & Eat the Rainbow: Choose foods more often when they come in their whole forms and select a variety of colors (typically the more colourful the more nutrient dense the foods are)!

Make your fridge fuller than your pantry: In other words, eat less boxed and bagged foods which are filled with sodium and other additives to make them shelf stable. Instead opt for FRESH foods.

Use the 10:1 rule: For every 10 grams of carbs, there should be 1 gram of fiber

Eat whole grains: To ensure that the boxed/bagged foods you are eating are “whole grains” – make sure the word “whole” is the first ingredient listed.

Watch your sugar intake: Avoid/Limit foods with sugar in the first 3 ingredients.

Shirley Harned says:

Any added sugar, etc. in your foods? We are actually vegan (for health reasons) and would like to know how close to vegan y’all get with your vegetarian food boxes.

Jacqueline says:

Hi Shirley, thanks so much for reaching out! Right now, customers are not able to set a specific “vegan” menu preference for their boxes. That being said, we strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our nutrition and allergen information. That way, customers can make the meal choices that work best for their specific dietary needs!

Ingredient information for each recipe can be found on the website next to each meal choice. You can find the nutrition breakdown by visiting our home page, clicking on “Our Recipes,” then clicking on “This Week” or “Next Week.” Next to each meal we have all the ingredients and potential allergens (as well as in which ingredient(s) the allergen is present). You can then click on the green link, “more recipe info,” to see the nutrition breakdown.

As HelloFresh continues to grow, we greatly value our customers’ feedback and requests, and I will bring up your concerns with the rest of the team. In the meantime, if you have any further questions, feel free to send our head dietitian and nutrition manager, Rebecca, an email at She’d be more than happy to chat with you!

Jennifer reed says:

What if ur allergic to a lot of the spices and fruit y’all put in your food how do I get around that without it changing the flavor of the recipe?

Jacqueline says:

Hi Jennifer! Right now, we don’t offer any plans tailored to specific allergies. However, you’ll see a full ingredient list and nutritional breakdown on the website before you choose your meals. This includes all major allergens. We take ingredient transparency very seriously, because we want to make sure you know exactly what is in your food. This makes meal choice super easy for folks with dietary restrictions!

Check out our upcoming menu here: and click on “more recipe info” under each meal for a nutritional breakdown. Hope this helps! In case you have more specific questions about how HelloFresh meals can work for your dietary needs, feel free to email our nutritionist at

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