HelloFresh Introduces Newest, Most Colorful Offering: The Unicorn Box April 1, 2019

by Family Friendly

This brand new, magical box is what unicorn dreams are made of.

Our extensive research tells us that rainbow foods are all the rage. So our team of fairy-chefs has been hard at work developing our most magical offering yet: The Unicorn Box. This brand new, first-of-its-kind experience will let you eat like a mythical creature. Brush away the confetti to find a box full of farm-fresh rainbows, smiles, and joy right at your doorstep.

The box features three colorful recipes that will help you capture the perfect Instagram and channel your inner unicorn. Trust us, there’s no shortage of magic, sugar, or calories in these delicious recipes.

What’s in the box?

Pixie Pizza with a Sprinkle Sauce

Start with this pizza fit for a pixie– a sugary concoction of blue and purple frosting on shortbread dough, topped with gourmet gummies and multicolored sprinkles.

Fairy Fettuccine with a Gummy Garnish

Next up is your main course of red sour pasta with a gummy garnish and a generous dollop of frosting.

Twinkle Tacos with a Chocolate Crema

Lastly, cap it all off with a chilled ice cream taco smothered in a chocolate sauce with gummy fruits, rainbow tape, and special sprinkles.

How do I order?

At this point, you probably have your credit card out wondering how you can get your hands on this cornucopia of sweets. Well, we’re sorry to bring you down from your sugar high but… April Fools! We hope you can forgive us.

If you still want a sugar fix, check out our long list of chocolate recipes here.

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