How To Cut An Avocado Perfectly Every Time October 3, 2016

by Behind the Scenes

Now that you’ve met the one and only Avocado Bob, learn how to cut an avocado perfectly every time.

Who better than Jessica Hunter, a 3rd generation Del Rey farmer, to show you how to pick the perfect avocado and prep it right for all your cooking needs?

We know, we know. You’re itching to put your newfound avocado cutting skills to the test. Here are three easy recipes we love to get you going.

1. Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad with Avocado, Orange, and Arugula

how to cut an avocado-sweet-potato-quinoa-HelloFresh
This salad is full of nutrient-dense ingredients like sweet potatoes, quinoa, avocado, and orange. Almonds and feta finish the dish with crunch and tang.

2. Chimichurri Burger with Avocado, Monterey Jack, and Cabbage Slaw

how to cut an avocado-chimichurri-burgers-HelloFresh

Chimichurri spice gives this burger an Argentinian flair, and cubed avocado adds an irresistible creaminess. Together, the two make an unbeatable pair.

3. Lemon-Basil Shrimp Skewers with Orzo and Avocado Salad

how to cut an avocado-lemon-basil-shrimp-skewers-HelloFresh

In this recipe juicy shrimp skewers are topped with a secret ingredient— lemon-basil butter! Marinated tomatoes and creamy avocado make this orzo salad something special.

Unlike turtlenecks, Tamagotchis, and tanning beds the California Hass avocados we use never go out of style. They are grown year-round. So, even though fall is upon us you can enjoy that avocado creaminess to your heart’s content.

Now, show us what you got! Tag your avocado kitchen creations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #HelloFreshPics.

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