When Jamie Met HelloFresh… December 24, 2015

by Eat

When Jamie Met HelloFresh…

You know the age-old saying: “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”? Well, we know that isn’t literally about kitchens and cooking, but we’re hoping that HelloFresh & Jamie Oliver can give people the confidence and skills to own the kitchen in 2016.Plus, our recipes are written to make sure there’s not much heat – they’re so easy to follow!

“All it takes is a handful of basic skills and the confidence to give it a go.“ says Jamie.

Cooking Together

A few weeks ago, pots were bubbling, knives were chopping and there were an incredible amount of people saying things like “can I have just one more taste…?” It was an enchanting recipe creation session as Jamie set out to decide on his perfect recipes for our customers. In fact, this photo was taken while we were prepping to launch the recipes to you all!

Cooking and eating together is something that will never get old. With so many stories and jokes shared over a bowl of deliciousness, even when they’re the same retro stories… they always have a new, more intriguing angle! So, we’re overjoyed to bring even more adventure to your kitchen with lots of delicious recipes.

“Making a real effort to all sit together around a table – not in front of the TV – and have a good old chinwag about what’s happened that day, while enjoying some freshly cooked food, is a pleasure.” – Jamie’s clearly a fan of cooking and eating together too!

When Does it all Kick off?

January is here and with it comes one Jamie Oliver recipe in our boxes on a regular basis. So, if you’re already a HelloFresh customer – keep your eyes peeled. If not, give us a go!

Check out Jamie in the HelloFresh Kitchen here. Happy Cooking!

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