Mini Pistachio Buckwheat Cakes December 29, 2015

by Eat

Every now and then we snag a recipe from across the pond that takes us out of our American comfort zone in the best way. With nontraditional ingredients and fresh, unexplored flavors, these treats from the UK are too good not to share.Today we want to invite you to try a recommendation from our British team for Buckwheat Cakes. Mini, adorable, and delicious, you can’t go wrong!


Buckwheat Cakes

Nothing better than creamy, bright whipped frosting to top a three-tier mini treat! These Buckwheat Cakes are an Instagram dream, perfect for snapping, posting, sharing, and bragging! For the topping, you can decorate any way you see fit. Fresh edible flowers, wax flowers, or even elegant edible pearls. And, although the frosting is green to represent the pistachio flavor, feel free to make the finishing touches any color you want!

Buckwheat Cakes

Delightful and delicious. Happy Cooking!

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