This Sweet Potato Hash is the Ultimate Hearty Breakfast August 14, 2017

by Eat

Kick off your morning with this nutrient-rich, protein-packed mishmash of deliciousness and start the day feeling unstoppable.

potato hash-Southwestern Sweet Potato Hash with Bacon and Avocado Lime Crema-HelloFresh

The best thing about whipping up a potato hash is that there’s room for creativity. Meat, potatoes, veggies, and spices are truly intended to mingle generously in a dish like this, which gives home cooks absolute freedom to do the fun stuff. You know, like going color crazy for those perfect #HelloFreshPics, incorporating personal favorites, and finding that delicious ingredient balance of your potato hash dreams.

No time for trial and error? We happily did it for you.

A potato hash may be an anything-goes sort of meal, but we think we’ve nailed it with our contrasting, meant-to-be flavor combo. (This non-stick fry pan and our exclusive Southwest spice blend may have had something to do with it.)

Here’s why:

  1. Candy-like allure of sweet potatoes brings more than that beautiful, bright orange accent. They’re full of good-for-you vitamins and natural sweetness (no refined sugars here), and their high fiber count will keep you feeling full through that late morning to-do list. If you’re a morning person, go the extra mile and grill ’em.
  2. That crispy smokiness from the bacon brings a totally different and desirable texture to the mix. Plus, there are few smells as inviting as bacon sizzling on the stove top. Especially on a Saturday.
  3. Creamy avocado? Say no more. Creamy avocado + fresh lime + cilantro + sour cream? The avocado lime crema you’ll want to wake up to every morning. And we have a feeling you’ll even cut your avocado perfectly.
  4. Mild heat from poblano peppers is a welcome kick — not to mention the iron boost you’ll get from cooking these up and happily chowing down.

Mouth watering yet? Because we haven’t even mentioned the juicy tomatoes, red onions, or heart-healthy black beans. See for yourself and order the Southwestern Sweet Potato Hash with Bacon and Avocado Lime Crema for next week.

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