Twist on the Classics: Exciting Recipes Week of September 21st September 16, 2015

by Our Recipes

If you’re like us, then you probably have vivid (horrifying) memories of a lunch lady scooping mush onto your tray in the school cafeteria and passing it off as food.  Dishes we might have loved like delicious sandwiches and yummy proteins cooked in mass quantities suddenly became inedible.  Here at HelloFresh, we want to help those signature classics take on a new reputation and forever mark themselves as go-to dinner solutions.  Help your kids love the classics while still enjoying a new flavor twist that will leave you wondering why we ever settle for less.

Grilled cheese is one of the easiest recipes to mess up- but also super simple to evolve and improve.  You might be used to the traditional white bread and pre-sliced cheddar, but we are serving up something a little more unique for you to explore.  This week, try a Fig & Brie Grilled Cheese for a whole new experience- the sweet & salty flavors will leave you salivating.

grilled cheese classics


And what about a Sloppy Joe?  You might not think that it’s appropriate outside of the lunch lines at camp but we beg to differ.  Try our better version with deep, smokey flavors and delicious blend of spices.  It may still be a little messy but that’s part of the fun, right?

sloppy joe classics


Change your perception of the childhood classics this week and eat with HelloFresh.  Check out the rest of the recipes for next week here & Happy Cooking!


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