8 Reasons to Eat More Pickles September 9, 2016

by Behind the Scenes

Do pickled cucumbers make an appearance at your dinner table? Well, they should. Continue reading to learn why.

pickled cucumbers-Oh-Snap-HelloFresh

They’re shoved between hamburger patties and buns, hidden behind tall club sandwiches, and buried under piles of potato chips. Needless to say, pickles are rarely the star of the show. However, they’re making a big comeback in The Icon Burger, HelloFresh’s knock-your-socks-off take on the American classic that’ll be in the boxes in two weeks. In homage to these crunchy gems, we’ve put together a list of the top eight reasons you should be eating more pickles. But not just any kind—Oh Snap! to be exact.

pickled cucumbers-pickles-Oh-Snap-HelloFresh

1. They’re individually wrapped, which means you can enjoy them with a meal or alone as a refreshing snack (or both, up to you).

2. They’re made with non-GMO cucumbers.

3. They’re fat-free AND gluten-free. Double whammy.

4. Cleopatra ate pickles because she believed they were one of the things that helped her stay beautiful. Is there strict scientific evidence to support this? Not exactly. But we would take her word for it.

pickled cucumbers-pickles-Oh-Snap-HelloFresh

5. Whereas most pickles are heated to allow for a two year shelf life, Oh Snap! pickles are refrigerated for a cool, crispy, crunchy, and undeniably fresh finish.

6. There’s very little brine to be found. Instead, Oh Snap! drains all the juice before packaging for a much more convenient (and far less messy) pickle eating experience.

pickled cucumbers-pickles-Oh-Snap-HelloFresh

7. Pickles are chock-full of Vitamin K, a nutrient that helps your blood clot after an injury.

8. Oh Snap! pickles are produced by GLK Foods, a family owned and operated business that has been around since 1900. And get this: it’s currently run by the fourth generation of the original founding family. Wowza.

Craving pickles yet? Fortunately, The Icon Burger will be in the boxes in two weeks, so be ready to select it next week!

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pickled cucumbers-pickles-Icon-Burger-HelloFresh

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