60 Thoughts Everyone Has The Week Before Mother’s Day May 12, 2017

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The moms in your life deserve the absolute best… but no pressure. 

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1. Wait what? Mother’s Day is this Sunday?

2. Oh boy. I better figure something out.

3. Talk about déjà vu. I was in this exact. same. position. last year.

4. What did I even get her last year?

5. It’s fine. I have time. It’s all good. Don’t sweat it.

6. Oh! Flowers, duh.

7. Is that lame?

8. No, no. It’s classic. You can’t go wrong with flowers.

9. But is it impersonal if that’s the only thing I get her?

10. Like a tie on Father’s Day-type of cliché?

11. This woman gave birth to me, after all.

12. And then she had to deal with me during middle school.

13. Who knows how in the world she managed that.

14. Okay, I definitely need to do more than just flowers.

15. Maybe a book is the way to go?

16. Or a scarf?

17. Or an embroidered pillow?

18. I need a gift that says “you’re amazing and I don’t know what I would do without you and there are literally no words to express how much I love you…

19. …even though sometimes you annoy me and I want to chop your head off.”

20. Do you think earrings accomplish that?

21. Or one of those Best Mom Ever mugs?

22. She did tell me last week that her scale is broken.

23. Was that a hint?

24. No way. She doesn’t want a scale for Mother’s Day. What am I thinking?

25. I wonder if Dad has anything planned.

26. I know she’s not technically his mother, but still.

27. Maybe she gave him a hint and he forgot to tell me.

28. Serious question: why isn’t there a Children’s Day?

29. I mean, c’mon.

30. FOCUS. Time is running out.

31. I should just bring her to a nice restaurant.

32. A well-fed mother = a happy mother.

33. Brunch is the answer.

34. But what if she doesn’t like the restaurant?

35. What if their coffee is average?

36. Luke-warm coffee would be a tragedy.

37. What if their pancakes aren’t fluffy enough?

38. The least I can give mom is fluffy pancakes.

39. Remember, middle school.

40. What if we have to wait 30 minutes to get a table?

41. A hangry mother = an unhappy mother.

42. We could just go early to beat the crowd.

43. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like an 8am wake up call.


45. I could totally go for a stack of pancakes right now.

46. Okay, forget about the restaurant.

47. I should just cook at home.

48. The tried-and-true scrambled eggs with toast?

49. NO. I need to do something better than that.

50. But the recipe can’t be too difficult.

51. I guess I have to go grocery shopping.

52. Only one problem: I have no time.

53. *Light bulb goes off*

54. I should just make my HelloFresh breakfast for mom!

55. Why didn’t I think about this before?

56. Convenient, delicious, simple, fun… what’s not to love?

57. Breakfast in bed + flowers = genius.

58. With piping hot coffee to go with it…obviously.

59. She’ll totally forget all about my middle school phase.

60. HAHAHA who am I kidding? That’ll never happen.

And for all the mothers out there, feel free to pass this along to your kids as a not-so-subtle reminder that the most important day of the year is this weekend. Yes, THIS weekend.

For more breakfast inspiration, check out these five easy recipes.

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