On The Menu Next Week: Hall of Fame Sriracha Turkey Burgers May 15, 2017

by Eat

Maybe it’s the creamy sriracha mayo, maybe it’s the lean but flavorful ground turkey, or maybe it’s the perfectly crisp sweet potato chips. Whatever it is, it’s working because thousands of home cooks have rated this sriracha turkey burger a Hall of Fame recipe. You can take their word for it. Taste what all the hype is about by selecting it off the menu

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What inspired you to create this customer favorite?

Chef Nate: My inspiration actually came from banh mi, a popular Vietnamese/French fusion sandwich traditionally made with crusty baguette, meat, pickled veggies, and spicy condiments. In this recipe, we incorporated some of those classic Southeast Asian flavors into a burger. The fries and salad are standard, never-goes-out-of-style American accompaniments.

What makes this burger beloved by thousands of home cooks? What’s your favorite thing about it?

Chef Nate: I think people have a misconception about turkey, namely that it’s only for Thanksgiving or for deli sandwiches. In reality, ground turkey is a great versatile alternative to ground beef. The aromatic garlic, ginger, soy, and cilantro impart amazing flavor to the blank canvas of the burger, and the sriracha mayo rounds it all out.

In your opinion, what makes for a good burger? Are there certain flavors or combinations of flavors that you always look for?

Chef Nate: A good burger is all about the balance of texture and flavor, plus the appropriate bun or bread. Toppings are also equally important. A juicy tomato, a crisp piece of lettuce, a pickle, or a few rings of onion are some of my favorites.

Why did you decide to combine mayo with sriracha? Is this a common pair?

Chef Nate: Sriracha mayo is a wonderful condiment. The pairing of the spicy hot sauce balances out the creaminess of the mayo, proving once again that condiments often work well in tandem.

What are your tips for getting perfectly crisp sweet potato fries?

Chef Nate: The key is to preheat your oven with the baking sheet inside. Also, take your time and be exact with your prep work. Consistent knife cuts lead to potatoes that are the same size/shape and will cook at the same rate. Although it’s okay to be generous with the oil here, you don’t want them swimming. A great trick is to toss the potatoes in a bowl with oil before putting them on the baking sheet. That way, they are just perfectly coated.

What are the nutritional benefits of this recipe?

Rebecca, RD: I love sweet potatoes because they are a nutrient-dense vegetable rich in beta-carotene as well as vitamins A and C. These nutrients act as antioxidants to prevent damage, keep our immune systems healthy, and slow down signs of aging. They are also lower on the glycemic index than regular potatoes, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Lastly, as a good source of both potassium and magnesium, sweet potatoes help with relaxation.

Sarah, RD: I love using 90/10 ground turkey here. This means the meat is 90% lean and 10% fat. I always look for this percentage when buying ground beef, pork, or turkey to avoid significant amounts of saturated fat (which is linked to higher cholesterol and heart disease) while still enjoying all the flavor.

Get the recipe plus all the ingredients for this can’t-miss Hall of Famer by selecting it off the menu today.

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