5 Easy Mexican Recipes Kids Will Love September 29, 2017

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Taco night will never be the same.

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Before re-launching the Family Plan, we did our homework and surveyed over 1,000 families with one goal in mind: figure out exactly what they like to eat for dinner. And when the results came back, we were floored to see 77% of respondents citing Mexican as the cuisine that excites them the most. 77%!

And while families appreciate the classic ground beef taco, they’re also not afraid to mix things up with different meats (like ground turkey and pork) and salsas (like pineapple).

So roll up your sleeves and get ready to hear even the pickiest of eaters asking for seconds.

1. Pineapple Poblano Beef Tacos with Lime Crema, Cilantro, and Warm Spices

easy Mexican recipes-Pineapple-Poblano-Beef-Tacos-HelloFresh

What’s sweet and nice with just a little spice? These tacos! Filled with beef tossed in warm, earthy spices and topped with fruity pineapple salsa, they’ve got a perfectly pleasant personality the whole family can get behind. Get the recipe here.

2. Turkey Taco Time with Poblano, Lime Crema, and Cheddar Cheese

easy Mexican recipes-Turkey-Taco-Time-HelloFresh

Ground meat tacos get a lighter but just as flavorful twist with turkey. It’s tossed with warm and toasty spices, slices of poblano pepper, crunchy radishes, and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Enjoy it with everything or fill it just the way you or your kids like. Get the recipe here.

3. Fun Day Fajita Bar with Southwestern Pork, Tomato Lime Salsa, and Cheddar Cheese

easy Mexican recipes-Fun-Day-Fajita-Bar-HelloFresh

Buffet style family dinners, for the win! Once you prep the pork and veggies, all they need is a quick sear. Then comes the fun part: sitting back and watching the kids assemble their own masterpiece fajitas — with a generous dollop of salsa and sour cream, of course. Get the recipe here.

4. One-Pan Pork Carnitas Tacos with Lettuce, Onion, and a Lime Crema

easy Mexican recipes-One-Pan-Pork-Carnitas-Tacos-HelloFresh

Think of this as the quicker, weeknight-friendly version of carnitas that doesn’t involve hours of slow-cooking. The secret? Adding a spice blend and a bit of stock to the ground pork, which makes it nice, rich, and saucy. Get the recipe here

5. Chicken Pineapple Party Tacos with Bell Pepper and Fresh Radishes 

easy Mexican recipes-Chicken-Pineapple-Party-Tacos-HelloFresh

This recipe has no shortage of fixings to choose from, including chopped chicken coated in Mexican-style spices, a sweet and succulent pineapple salsa, a pepper and onion jumble, and slices of cool and crisp radish. Get the recipe here.

Before you whip up these kid-approved and super easy Mexican recipes, stock up on the four kitchen tools that’ll make taco night a breeze.

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